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Steps for Title Search or Deed Search


Deed or Title Search Online

Steps to Complete a Title Search Online

1. Gather as much information as possible about a property you are interested in learning about: address, legal description, parcel number and the owner's name if possible.

2. Determine whether the governing body in the area where a property title of interest is located has made their deed records available online. Though it also offers paid services, the Free Public Records Search Directory provides an excellent listing of state by state property title and deed resources (land records and deeds), which are available online.

3. If no online resources are found for the area where you are searching for information about a property title, search for the name and address of the body responsible for property title and deed administration in the area on Google. Research whether or not the property deed records you are seeking are available online, whether or not there is a charge to access them. If no online resource is available it will be necessary to visit the institution where the records are stored or to hire a representative, such as a lawyer, to do so on your behalf.

4. Search using the information available. Searches made using parcel numbers can often yield more detailed information than title or deed  searches made using street addresses. It should be possible build a complete chain of ownership for a given property and determine whether a property title has any liens or legal holds against it.

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