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DEEDS (Documents of Essex England Data Set) - Records of land ownership and transactions. A Title simply states the owner of a certain piece of land. Deeds in the United States can be traced back to well before the American Revolution and provide a lot of information that exceeds that of a title. Deeds can provide a wealth of information about land values, land zoning, who could hold land, and about relationships between transferring parties.

Deeds and Titles records are recorded by law and stored in centralized locations that differ from state to state. In the eastern United States deeds and titles have been kept generally in county records while in the west they tend to be in state depositories. These Deeds and Titles have often been scanned and placed online that can be accessed through localized public records databases. This means that these deed and title records are accessible by you and if you search properly, it just takes a few clicks of a button to find them.

GovRegistry is the leading online public records investigation service. To find information on deeds and titles you can simply search a name or location and GovRegistry will offer the most very best online resources, “how-to” information and links for where you need to go in finding exactly what you are searching for. GovRegistry is the best shortcut available in helping you uncover accurate and relevant deeds and titles.

These records for deeds and titles are extremely useful for historians, genealogists, real estate agents, land buyers and sellers, developers and anyone interested in land claims. In the case of a real estate transfer, a deed moves ownership from the current owner, or grantor, to the purchaser, or grantee and also records various clauses, riders and guarantees associated with the transfer. This means that a wealth of other information would be recorded as well. Names, spouses, family members, addresses, occupations and many other facts may be on a deed or title.

There have been people that have searched their own names or names of ancestors in deeds and titles records and found to actually have claim to property somewhere in the country. Discoveries such as these and the introduction to online public records make investigating public records a worthwhile procedure. Whether you are searching for information on a person in question, uncovering deeds and titles related to your profession, or investigating if you or a family member hold land claims, GovRegistry can help. Without the help of GovRegistry you can search deeds and titles on your own. We have provided word for word instructions at the bottom of this page to search deeds and titles without the aid of a public records investigation service. As you can see, this could be quite a bit of work as there are literally thousands of public records databases that span the country. If you choose to do this be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort with the possibly of not finding what you are looking for.

To save your time and frustration and receive the best results, it is highly recommended that you use GovRegistry as an efficient and affordable alternative to searching deeds and titles yourself.

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