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Divorce Records in Delaware

Delaware Government offices have maintained divorce records since the early 1900s for almost every divorce that has occurred. In Delaware, the State Office has maintained divorce records since 1935. However, requests for certified copies must be presented to the county where the divorce was finalized, since certified copies are not available at the state level.

In Delaware, the year of the divorce will determine where the request for a copy should be sent. For divorce records between 1935 and 1975, the request should be presented to the Prothonotary Office at the local county courthouse where the divorce was finalized. Requests for divorces that occurred after 1975 should be presented to the Family Court Clerk.

A request for divorce records prior to 1935 should be sent to the Public Archives. Information can be obtained by calling the following telephone number: 302-739-5318.

Send a detailed written request to:
Archives Hall of Records
Delaware Public Archives
121 Duke of York St.
Dover, DE 19901

The fees for requested searches and copies of divorce records vary across the different states and even across counties within the states. Therefore, the following number is available to inquire the lookup cost in a particular county in Delaware: 302-739-4721. This number can be used to request fee amounts for other types of vital record searches and copies in Delaware.

Fees are designed to recover the cost of the search and copy and are usually between five and fifteen dollars. In Delaware, the fee covers a five-year period and includes the search for essential information. All divorce records are filed by the husbandís last name. Therefore, begin your search for any divorce records with the husbandís name. If the county name where the divorce was filed isnít known, begin your search for the records in any one of three different ways.

ē If possible, begin the search at the state repository. Locate the name of the county. Continue your search at the county level.
ē Conduct your search one county at a time. In states with numerous counties, this will take time. This will not take long in Delaware, however. Each county will request a small fee for each search.
ē Conduct a search of past and current spouses. This type of search produces a list of names and accompanying addresses. Continue your search at the county level.

Official record searches usually take between two to ten days. It depends upon the amount of information provided with the request, as well as the number of years that are being searched. Genealogical searches usually take longer for a number of reasons including the date of the divorce, the availability of pertinent information, the urgency of the request, and the availability of courthouse resources.

Basic information about the divorced couple is included in their divorce records. The husbandís full name, the wifeís full name including her maiden name, and the name of the county where the divorce took place will be included in the document. The recorded filing date of their divorce, the actual date of their finalized divorce, and a certificate number for identification is included. Several states also include the number of children belonging to the couple under the age of eighteen at the time the divorce was filed.

You should not provide information that is not requested. It will not aid the search, except in the case of a genealogical search where little information is available. Requests for divorce records that include the greatest amount of requested information generally produce the best results. Providing any information for a genealogical search can eventually generate the information needed to locate divorce files.

A list of the local county courthouse addresses and telephone numbers for Delaware is provided below in alphabetical order.

Kent County
Kent County Clerk
414 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901-3615
Telephone: (302) 736-2040

New Castle County
New Castle County Vital Records
310 Kiamensi Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19804
Telephone: (302) 995-8588

Sussex County
Sussex County Register of Wills
P.O. Box 743
Georgetown, DE 19947
Telephone: (302) 856-5601

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