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Conducting a search for federal and state inmates is simple with the Internet. The Internet makes locating useful information effortless. For this reason, an online inmate search for the state of Delaware can be completed in minutes. Once a search is preformed, users can receive information such as inmate location, criminal history, sentencing information, and so forth. This is perfect for friends and relatives, and enables them to keep tabs on a specific prisoner. Furthermore, inmate searches are helpful for finding an inmate who has recently moved to a new facility. Due to overcrowding, inmates are sometimes transferred to different correctional facilities. Because prison inmate records are kept up-to-date, searching inmate location is easy. Consider the following tips for searching Delaware inmates.

State of Delaware Official Website: The official website for the state of Delaware offers a variety of online search tools. To begin a search, visit Next, enter the words "inmate search" in the blank search field located at the top of the webpage. The following webpage will provide links to various correctional facilities within the state. For example, if looking to search inmates held at the Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Facility, choose the link, and then search inmate information. Requestors can find information on inmate mailing address, death row inmates, escapee lists, young inmates, and so forth.

Delaware Department of Corrections: This website is perfect for finding information on all inmates located within the state of Delaware. Each state is required to keep good inmate records. Thus, the government is able to keep track of the number of incarcerated individuals, and families can know where their loved ones are located. To begin a search of inmates in correctional facilities, visit This site provides information on death row prisoners, escapees, youth offenders, etc. Unfortunately, this site does not offer a convenient online inmate locator tool. To receive information on a particular prison inmate, write to:


1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna, DE 19977
(302) 653-9261

Skipease Inmate Locator: This is one of the best free prison inmate tools located on the Internet. To begin a search using Skipease, visit Choose to search the Federal Bureau of Prison Inmates, or search inmates by state. If selecting the first option, choose the appropriate link. The inmate locator tool will ask for information such as inmate's first and last name, race, sex, and approximate age. If a matching record is found, information such as the inmate's location and crime history will be revealed. The second option entails searching inmates by state. To conduct a search for Delaware, choose the link, "Delaware." The site will direct requestors to Delaware's Department of Correction's home page. Find information on inmates by browsing the escapee listings, death row inmate listings, etc. This site will also provide information on how to contact a prison inmate.

Flip's Search Resources: Here is another useful tool for searching prison inmates in Delaware. Begin a search by visiting This site is useful for searching inmates nationwide. For information on Delaware, click the link, "Delaware." Additionally, requestors can choose the link, "How-to for Federal Inmates." This link directs users to the home page for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, or This website includes a federal inmate locator tool, which is very helpful for finding a Delaware prison inmate. Choose the link, "inmate tool," and conduct a search inquiry. Enter the inmate's full name and identification number if applicable. Search results will offer detail account information on each prison inmate such as color photo, location, conviction history, sentence date, and estimated release date.

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