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Alaska Divorce Records

All Alaska divorces are regulated by the state in which they are finalized. Therefore, the state is responsible to maintain Alaska divorce records.

Specifically, the local county courthouse where the divorce was filed and finalized is responsible for the storage and maintenance of the divorce records.

The type of office at the local county courthouse that holds the divorce records can vary from one county to another. Smaller county offices may not have a specific office of this type. In Alaska, requests can be made to the Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the divorce was filed and finalized.

Some states also maintain a state repository or central holding location for all records. However, all requests for certified copies of divorce records should be directed to the local county. The state does not issue certified copies. In Alaska, the state only has divorce records since 1950.

A written request and a small fee are required for a certified copy of an Alaska Divorce Record. The following number 907- 465-3392 can be called for information on record lookup fees. The fee is typically between five and fifteen dollars to recover the cost of the search and copy of the record. Specific information about the requestor is also required. This includes name, address, the relationship to the individual whose records are being requested, and identification.

Basic information about the divorced couple is needed to process the request. The name of the divorced couple, the county in which the divorce took place and the date of the divorce should be provided with the request.

Information is included on each copy of the divorce record, but the information varies somewhat among states. Typically, this information includes the husbandís full name, the wifeís full name with her maiden name, the county name where the divorce was filed, the filing date of the divorce, the date of the finalized divorce, and the divorce certificate number. Some states list the place of marriage or the number of the coupleís children under the age of eighteen at the time of the divorce. Usually, the childrenís names are not included.

The husbandís name is used to file the records. If the name of the county isnít known, you can search for the records one county at a time.

Another search method to utilize if you do not have sufficient information is to begin at the state level. Gather the information, and then request a certified copy of the record from the county. Also, a search for the past and current spouses can be used to locate the name of the county. A search for spouses includes a list of the addresses.

The search for Alaska divorce records usually takes between two to ten days. Searches are quicker when the requested information is provided. Genealogical searches typically take longer. The processing of the request can be delayed by the size of the courthouse, the size of the staff, the time of year, and the amount of provided information. A small fee that varies across districts is required for a certified copy of the divorce record.

Follow these guidelines to produce a more efficient search.

1. Print or type each name and address clearly to avoid confusion. This includes the full name of both the husband and the wife. The maiden name should be included for the wife.

2. Keep your request brief and to the point.

3. Limit your request to one document.

4. Include the full names of the individuals, including nicknames and alternate spellings that may have been used.

5. Include the full address of the individual at the time of the divorce, including street, city or town, and state. If you know the county in which the divorce took place, include that as well.

6. Include the date that the divorce was finalized. If you do not have this piece of information available, include a time frame for the search. Generally, it is best to specify a short span of years for an unknown year search. You can always expand the number of years that you search, and a shorter span will lead to a shorter search. You can expect to pay an additional fee for searches such as this that require more effort.

7. Include contact information where you can be reached in the event that more information is required. Include a daytime telephone number, as well as, an evening telephone number. You may also include a fax number or an e-mail address.

8. You should include your relationship to the individualís listed in your search request.

9. You should include the purpose of your request.

10. Print your name clearly and sign your request. Some states may also require additional identifying information on you as well, including a driverís license number.

11. Include a SASE, or self addressed stamped envelope with your request for a speedier delivery.

12. Include the date that you mail your request with your correspondence.

A list of the local county courthouse addresses and telephone numbers for Alaska is provided below in alphabetical order.

Department of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 110675
Juneau, AK 99811-0675

Juneau - 1st Judicial District
Patrick J. Gullufsen, District Attorney
PO Box 110300
Juneau AK 99811-0300
Room 364 Dimond Courthouse, Juneau
465-3620, Fax 465-3919

Ketchikan - 1st Judicial District
Stephen West, District Attorney
415 Main Street Room 304
Ketchikan AK 99901-6396
225-6128, Fax 225-3917

Nome - 2nd Judicial District
John A. Earthman, District Attorney
PO Box 160
Nome AK 99762-0160
State Office Building, Nome
443-2296, Fax 443-5923

Anchorage - 3rd Judicial District
Leonard Marbury "Bob" Linton, District Attorney
310 K. Street Suite 520
Anchorage, AK 99501-1975
269-6300, Fax 269-6321

Fairbanks - 4th Judicial District
Jeffrey O'Bryant, District Attorney
455 - 3rd Avenue, Ste 150
Fairbanks AK 99701
451-5970, Fax 451-5996

Additional Info to Find Alaska Divorce Records

To obtain divorce records since 1950, there is a $20.00 fee (checks or money orders made payable to Bureau
of Vital Statistics) and information should be sent to:

Bureau of Vital Statistics
Department of Health and Social Services
5441 Commercial Boulevard
AK 99801
Phone: 907-465-3391


For divorce records for other periods, contact the Clerk of Superior Court in the judicial district where divorce
was granted.

Haines Borough
Haines Borough Clerk
P.O. Box 1209
Haines, AK 99827-1209
(907) 766-2801

Kenai Peninsula Borough
Kenai Peninsula Borough Clerk
P.O. Box 850
Soldotna, AK 99669-0850
(907) 283-3110

Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Ketchikan Gateway Borough Clerk
344 Front St.
Ketchikan, AK 99901-6431
(907) 225-3195

Matanuska-Susitna Borough
Matanuska-Susitna Borough Clerk
P.O. Box 1608
Palmer, AK 99645-1608
(907) 746-8102

Munic. of Anchorage Borough Clerk
3601 C Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 264-0514

Naknek Borough
Naknek District Court Clerk
350 E. Cahlia
Palmar, AK 99645
(907) 246-4240

North Star Borough
North Star Borough Clerk
P.O. Box 1267
Fairbanks, AK 99707-1267
(907) 452-9210

Northwest Arctic Borough
Northwest Arctic Borough Clerk
P.O. Box 1110
Kotzebue, AK 99752
(907) 442-3208

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