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Choosing the right physician is important for many reasons. Individuals with serious health care problems generally seek a highly knowledgeable physician. This way, the patient can receive the best health care and advice. There are many different types of doctors. Some doctors are classified as general practitioners. These physicians offer initial treatment for a variety of illnesses. If a patient does not respond to treatment, he or she is typically referred to a specialist. Patients may choose their own doctors. If unfamiliar with physicians in a particular area your health care provider or primary physician will recommend a doctor. On the other hand, patients may conduct their own search and locate a qualified and respected physician. Consider the following tips for conducting a quick online doctor search. Choice Trust is perfect for patients searching for a physician. With so many qualified doctors and different areas of expertise, finding a good doctor in your vicinity can be a long process. makes the selection process easy. This website allows users to search for doctors, dentist, chiropractors, and nurses. Users can search by doctor name or area of practice. The first option is perfect for locating a physician who has moved his or her practice. Reports include the physician’s credentials, residences, licensing information, disciplinary actions, and so forth. Doctor searches with are free, whereas credential and history reports cost $7.95.

• State Medical Board: A few state medical boards offer free doctor searches. Visit the Federation of State Medical Boards websites at . This website will provide a link to the directory of state medical boards. Included are the address, contact name, telephone number, and website of state medical boards for all 50 states. Contact the medical board for your state and request a doctor search. Requestors can search doctors by name or field of medicine. If disciplinary action was taken against a physician, the state medical board can reveal this information. In most cases, disciplinary reports are not free. On average, reports costs about $10.00.

• MD Nationwide is a useful tool for conducting a doctor search. Easily accessible online, you can conduct your own doctor search from home or office. If looking for a top doctor in a particular field, MD Nationwide will provide access to the best physicians. Each search result provides information about the physician's address, certifications, memberships, and education. Unfortunately, access to the doctor's database is not free. Unlimited access for 30 days is available for $9.99. Unlimited access for one-year is available for $24.99. Before payments are made, users can conduct a preliminary search. Search for physicians by choosing a condition or medical expertise. The website will inform users of the number of search criteria matches. For example, a search for breast cancer physicians in Virginia resulted in 4 matches. Upon submitting payment, users gain access to the physician's personal and contact information.

• American Board of Medical Specialties: To find information about physician specialists visit . This organization maintains a huge database of more than 700,000 specialists. The public can find information about certified specialists by visiting the website and following the "Who's Certified" link. Information is also available by contacting the American Board of Medical Specialties at (866) ASK-ABMS. Moreover, most libraries include an official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists. This resource is ideal for individuals without access to a computer or Internet. Certification resources for the ABMS include a comprehensive listing for all medical specialists throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, listings include a brief biography on each physician specialists, and a chronicle on their medical training, education, credentials, and so forth.

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