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Federal inmates are individuals who have been convicted of violating federal laws. Federal laws are laws of the United States. Federal prisons house the convicted federal inmates once they are convicted. Occasionally, individuals who are awaiting trial for violating federal laws are housed in federal prisons.

In some instances, though very few, state inmates are housed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Most state inmates are sent to state, city, or county jails. A state inmate is an individual who has been convicted of violating a state law. The Federal Bureau of Prisons does not collect or maintain data on state inmates.

Additionally, records may have been kept on individuals who were charged with violating a federal law or who were charged with civil contempt, but who were never convicted or incarcerated. This may not have been done for all such individuals.

Locating inmates in the federal prisons can be accomplished online. Use the following link to access the inmate locator for federal inmates: http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp.

This directs you to the inmate locator page of the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. On the left hand side of the page, several links provide access to additional information including:
• Visiting- general information
• Visiting hours
• Who can visit?
• Background checks
• Business visits
• Special circumstance
• Visiting room procedures
• Conjugal visits
• Locating inmates released before 1982
• Who is a federal inmate?

Below the above links, several links provide access to additional information that will open in a new window. They include the following:
• Admission and orientation program
• Inmate legal activities policy
• Release of information policy
• Telephone regulations
• Victim and witness notification program
• Visiting regulations
• Visitor information form

Across the top of the page, several links provide access to additional information that includes: about, inmate locator, prison facilities, careers, inmate matters, policy/forms, doing business, and news/information.

To search for a federal inmate online, you will need to search using the inmate’s ID number or name. If you decide to search using the ID number, the search box is located on the right hand side of the page. A drop down menu gives you three choices to select for the type of ID number: DCDC, FBI, or INS number. Select the type of number and use the search box below to enter the number. At the bottom of this area, select search ID number.

On the left hand side of the page, search boxes for last name, first name, and middle name are presented. It is possible to limit or narrow the search in order to minimize the number of results that are returned by selecting the sex and race of the inmate using the drop down menus that are provided. Additionally, if you know the age of the inmate, you can enter that.

The name search will generate results that provide an exact match to the first and last names that are entered. Therefore, it is essential to enter the correct spelling of the inmate’s name in order to arrive at the correct results.

Once you have entered the first and last name for the inmate, both of which are required, along with any additional information that you wish to include, select to start the name search. In a few seconds, the results are generated in a grid like chart with the following headings for the columns: name, register number, age, race, sex, actual release date, projected release date, and location.

At the bottom right hand corner, the total number of results is indicated along with an arrow that will generate the next set of results. Results are presented in sets of 50.

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