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Female Death Row Inmates

Frances Elaine Newton

Frances Elaine Newton was only 21 years old when she committed three counts of capital murder upon her husband and two children. Motivated by the prospect of $150,000 in life insurance money, Newton systematically murdered her family members using a .25 caliber handgun that belonged to her boyfriend. The life insurance policies on her 7-year-old son and 21-month-old daughter were taken out in March of 1987, one month prior to the murders. Newton had separated from her boyfriend at approximately the same time.  Newton admitted to carrying a gun to her husband�s apartment the night the killings took place, but she claimed it was for protection and that her family members had still been alive when she left the apartment. Newton admits to being involved with illegal drugs and drug sales, and that trouble regarding these matters was the justification for her desire to carry a weapon. When she attempted to file insurance claims after the murders, Newton was arrested and charged with capital murder. This sentence cut short a probation sentence stemming from a previous forgery conviction from February 1986. Newton was placed on the Texas Death Row roster. Despite her lawyers� attempts to secure a 120-day reprieve of execution so that they could more carefully investigate her case, Newton was executed on September 14th, 2005. Newton declined to make any last statement at the time of her execution.

Patricia Blackmon

Patricia Blackmon was 29 years old when she committed the crime that landed her on death row. May 1999, in Dothan Alabama, Patricia Blackmon brutally murdered her two-year-old adopted daughter Dominique Bryant. She subsequently was found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty.

She recently appealed to the court on their decision, stating that she was not deserving of the death penalty. Her argument against her sentence included her idea that she possibly knocked the child unconscious before the entire brutal beating took place. Dominiqua suffered multiple skull fractures, broken bones, and was beaten so badly a foot imprint was left on her chest. I guess in her eyes if the child was unconscious she didn�t feel the pain of the subsequent blows and therefore she should receive a lesser sentence.

Well not in the eyes of the court, in a unanimous decision in August 2005 the court denied her appeal, along with her request for a retrial. Patricia Blackmon requested the retrial at the same time of the appeal stating that she was unfairly tried because the jury was persuaded by pretrial publicity.

Now age 35, Patricia Blackmon remains on death row in the state of Alabama where she will eventually be executed if the courts continue to ignore her requests.

Virginia Lazelere

Virginia Lazelere had it all, a palatial home, expensive cars, her own private plane and a luxury yacht. But life married to a very respected dentist wasn't enough for Virginia. Now she has the distinction of being the only woman currently on Florida's death row, awaiting her appointment with eternity. The Lazelere's life was just a little too extravagant, even for a highly successful dentist. As it turned out, Dr. Lazelere was showing some creative entrepreneurship on the side selling illegal narcotics to some of his patients. But it all came to an end with a shot gun blast in the good doctor's office. As the investigation unfolded, police uncovered a bizarre and shocking twist to the story. Apparently Dr. Lazelere had bi-sexual tendencies and a long list of gay partners. Could the murder have been the result of an angry jilted lover? But the story then takes another shocking turn. Evidence comes to light that Dr. Lazelere also willingly arranged sexual liaisons for his wife, Virginia. It wasn't long before Virginia found herself in the Florida police's sites. Virginia was arrested and charged for the murder of Dr. Lazelere, but even more shockingly, so was their teenage son, Jason. As the sordid details came out, Jason revealed that Virginia had seduced and manipulated him into killing his father in order to get her hands on his mega million dollar life insurance policy. Somehow, the Florida jury managed to find some sympathy for poor misguided Jason and acquitted him of his father's murder, but the would-be merry widow was convicted and sentenced to death row.

Linda Lou Charbonneau

Fifty-seven year old Linda Lou Charbonneau sits on Delaware's death row, convicted of killing two of her husbands; John Charbonneau and William Sproates.

Linda had been married to Charbonneau for over 20 years when she decided to leave him for his nephew Billy Sproates. The two later married, but within a few years Linda had returned to Charbonneau. Later on both Charbonneau and Sproates went missing within weeks of each other. Eventually the Delaware police focused their investigation on Linda, and based on clues found on her property, they decided to start digging. Their excavations turned up the corpse of Billy Sproates, buried behind John Charbonneau's house where Linda had been living.  When arrested on suspicion of murder, Linda then implicated her own daughter and the young woman's boyfriend. The boyfriend, Willie Brown, eventually led Delaware police to where John Charbonneau's corpse had been buried. Apparently, Linda Lou Charbonneau had based her murderous scheme on a plan to collect John Charbonneau's social security checks. When Billy Sproates stumbled onto her misdeeds, he was murdered as a cover up. Linda was convicted of murder and sentenced to death row on June 2, 2004 where she currently awaits her fate.

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