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Find and Claim Your Unclaimed and Abandoned Property

The internet can be used for many purposes, but did you know it can be used for a fun and potentially lucrative treasure hunt? It is true that there is lots of unclaimed treasure just waiting to be found, and the internet can help you find the money you may be due.

Some of this money is in the form of bank accounts people have forgotten about over the years, while other funds may have been accumulated through the purchasing of stock, or through retirement plans that have been abandoned. Some funds may even come from long forgotten safe deposit boxes, or even from an unknown inheritance.

No matter where this money comes from, however, it can be lots of fun tracking it down. There are thousands of people in the United States alone who are due money, and the internet gives them the power to find the money they are due and get hold of it quickly and easily.

All in all, many millions of dollars are owed to individuals through these unclaimed assets, and there are many government agencies whose job it is to reunite people with those unclaimed assets. The first step, of course, is to determine if you are owed money, and if you are to find out how to get that money into your own pocket.

There are many ways to start the search for this unclaimed treasure, but one of the best is with the website maintained by your state. Many of the states have set up a website or other online resource where visitors can find their unclaimed assets. These state databases can be a good place to start searching for unclaimed assets.

When searching for unclaimed assets that have reverted to the states, it is important to search the databases of all states in which you have lived. Each state in the country maintains its own database, and the information contained in one state database will not appear in another.

It is also important to remember that federal agencies are responsible for maintaining their own database of unclaimed and abandoned property. Therefore, it may be necessary to search through these federal databases after you have completed your search of the records of your state. It is important to keep in mind that a number of agencies will maintain their own databases of unclaimed property, so it is important to search as widely as possible.

When doing your searches of these databases, it is also important to search not only under your current name but under any other names you may have used as well. Searching under your maiden name as well as your married name may help you uncover assets you have forgotten about, as will searching through several spellings of your last name. If your name is prone to a particular misspelling, be sure to search for that name as well as you search the various state and federal databases for your unclaimed treasure.

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