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How to Find Missing Persons Online

Trying to locate a lost relative or friend requires time and money. Fortunately, the Internet simplifies the search process. By using the World Wide Web to find a missing loved one or friend, you will save time and money. Prior to the Internet, some persons used private investigators to find missing people. While these services are effective, they are also very expensive. Today, there is little need for a professional. With the wide selection of online people search features, you can find anyone with the click of a button. Furthermore, there are several online people searches capable of finding unlisted persons. If looking for a missing person, consider the following websites offering quick and simple searches.

ZabaSearch: If a missing person is listed in a telephone directory, they are usually easy to find. On the other hand, if the person opts to have their telephone number removed from public directories, it can be difficult to obtain a number. ZabaSearch is an online people search that provides names, addresses, and telephone numbers for unlisted people. Rather than rely on telephone books, this websites uses a variety of public record files to locate persons. ZabaSearch provides a current telephone number and address. In addition, search results provide previous contact information. To begin a quick search, visit Enter a full name and city/state. If unaware of a location, leave the city and state search field blank. In this instance, the website will perform a nationwide people search.

Computrace People Search: Another useful online tool for finding a missing person is Computrace. To complete a missing person search, the only required information is a name and Social Security number, name and date of birth, name and last address, or name and last city of residence. Choose the appropriate search field and provide necessary information. Computrace is fee-based. Information on missing persons is available for $45.00 - $85.00. Typically, results are received within 24 hours. To begin a search, visit Because registration and fee are required, Computrace is useful once you’ve exhausted all free search options.

The Seeker: If looking for a missing person, take advantage of worldwide people finder tools such as The Seeker. This service is unique. Rather than perform a people search using a first and last name, this website allows persons to post their own private messages. For example, if looking for an old army buddy, you can post a quick message in the “Militarily Seeking” category. Each day, hundreds of persons will browse your add. This site is also useful for finding missing classmates, friends, family members, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. To post or search a message, visit

Find Missing People: This website is a great search tool for finding a missing person. To begin a search, visit With the variety of online search features, Find Missing People offer a one-stop shop. Take advantage of paid services such as Social Security number traces, nationwide and background searches, etc. Moreover, browsing or listing with the missing person registry can provide a future match. If trying to find a hard-to-locate person, specialized searches such as reverse telephone directory, unlisted telephone numbers, prison inmate records, and military records may produce a match. When a free people search does not provide a match, attempt to find the missing person with To begin a search, visit Next, enter the person’s first and last name. Submit the online request. Quick searches are available for $7.  Online people searches provide detail information such as the missing person’s current address, telephone number, etc. This website also offers a feature that allows instant background or criminal history checks.

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