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Fosson for Finding Public Criminal Records offers a unique search entry that is more interactive than most sites. A slick layout is just the beginning of a most effective website for tracking down free public regarding various criminals across the country. From police warrant records to inmate searches, this is a great website to research crime and obtain the public information you need.

Upon clicking on the entry portal you are directed to a map of the United States. Click on any state you wish to search including Alaska and Hawaii. As an example, click on the state of Illinois. You will be directed to a page filled with a rather extensive list to choose from. Main headings include state, county and city databases. Some of the state databases you can search are: crimes, crime registries, Illinois circuit courts, Illinois Supreme Court, legal opinions, police warrants, sex offenders directory, wanted persons, inmates and offenders, Department of Corrections inmate search and so forth.

Searching by county makes for a very specific search. In Illinois, the county is listed as well as the website you will be directed to. In the case of Cook County (where Chicago is located) there are multiple entries such as Cook inmates, Cook offenders, Cook Court case dockets, etc…City listings also provide specific search information like Chicago fugitives or Mundelein births for example (not all the information is crime related, but is relative to public records searches). also lists in which sites charge a fee—only a handful in the case of Illinois.

While the site automatically directs you to Illinois listings regarding criminal and court records, actually provides far more information about public records than it would lead you to believe at the outset of your search. If you look at the very top of your screen, you will see a horizontal bar of headings. You are at the civil and criminal listings, but you can change your Illinois search to a list of sites concerning property records, state records, country records and city records for searching for multiple types of public records.

When you search for state records, you will be directed to an extensive list by which you can search for: Black Hawk War Veterans, Auctioneers, Campaign Disclosure, Candidate Search, Civil War Veterans, Collection Agencies, Doctors, Firearm Authorization, Home Inspectors, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Illinois Granted Trust Powers, Illinois State Bar, Marriage Directory, Real Estate, Voters and much, much more. In fact, this list is merely a snapshot just to provide you with all the various types of searches you might perform just for Illinois records.

Returning to your map and choosing another state may present you with a different type of link. For example, California has an extensive listing of online resources so you must narrow down your search before being directed accordingly. You will have four choices to California Main, Criminal and Civil, Property Records. New York also presents a completely different landing page. Most states, however, generate a similar landing page to Illinois. bills itself as a “public records research network” and due to the sheer amount of public information and records you have access to through the site—this is no overstatement. What might be said about the site itself, is that, although it contains a vast amount of research, it is not easy to backtrack to change your state. Instead having the ability to hit your browser’s backspace button, you may have to simply revisit the home page and begin your search from scratch—not a terrible flaw, but the site is quirkier than many others in this navigation regard.


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