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The Internet makes locating information about city and state inmates easy. Prior to the World Wide Web, a person conducting an inmate search would have to contact each individual correctional facility and request a search.

Today, many correctional facilities and city jails make this information available online. Hence, if trying to find an inmate, friends and family members can simply type in a name, and receive an abundance of helpful information. There are many websites offering inmate searches.

There are many ways to locate or search inmate records free.

Consider the following online websites offering free inmate searches:

Free Inmate Locator: Free Inmate Locator is a site available to the public and provides access to each state's individual Department of Corrections. To begin your search, visit

Located in the center of the webpage are links for each state offering inmate searches. Click the link for the appropriate state. Next, users are directed to the state's Department of Corrections Inmate Information System. Records are updated daily, which means accurate information. There are two ways to access an inmate's record. Visitors must either know the inmate's six-digit identification number, or know an exact full name (first, middle, and last), and correct spelling. Provide information in the appropriate fields. Search results will provide detail inmate information such as name, location, reason for conviction, and approximate release date. In most cases, the Department of Corrections will also provide a recent color photo of the inmate. If search results produce more than one matching record, users must contact the Department's Classification and Records unit for an accurate match.

Prison Search: Prison Search is a helpful tool for searching current inmates and past inmates. Past record searches are useful for persons trying to trace a family lineage. To begin your search, visit

Choose a search of either present day records or genealogy records. If selecting a search of present day records, users may conduct a prison inmate search, city jail search, most wanted lists, and sex offender registries. Each state has a Department of Corrections.

If looking to locate an inmate, this Department is a good resource. For this matter, Prison Search offers live links to the Department of Correction for each state. Moreover, this site provides additional inmate locator links for the state.

Criminal Records Index: Criminal Records Index is another useful tool for inmate searches. Correctional facilities are located throughout most states. Thus, if attempting to find an inmate, this may involve contacting each facility and requesting a search, especially if the state does not have an accurate inmate locator tool.

To begin your search, simply visit , and choose an appropriate state. Access to inmate information is free. However, users must know the location of the inmate. For each individual state, this website will list several helpful links.

For example, the state of Florida includes a link to the Department of Correction, arrest logs, active warrants, most wanted lists, and inmate searches for individual city jails.

Prison Inmate Search: Another useful tool for searching inmates is Prison Inmate Search. Users are able to locate helpful information such as inmates located within state correctional facilities and city jails. Furthermore, users can search previous inmate, escapee records, death row inmates, and past executions.

To begin your search, visit . For each state, there will be a searchable inmate database. Choose the appropriate state and begin your search. The majority of links offer an online database. If an online inmate locator tool is unavailable, users may benefit from the contact name and telephone number provided.

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