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Searching for a prison inmate in the state of Georgia is easy. In most cases, friends and relatives can locate an inmate by conducting an online search. If the prisoner’s personal identification number is known, a search using this information will provide valuable information such as prisoner’s full name, location, and so forth. Prior to online inmate searches, family and relatives were required to contact correctional facilities by telephone. The process was long because the majority of inmate searches were manual, which required a search of computer records and other databases. Fortunately, the process has become easy and convenient. Consider the following tips for search Georgia inmates using the Internet.

Georgia Department of Corrections: When searching for an inmate, it always helps to begin with the state’s Department of Corrections. This department includes information pertaining to prison and jail inmates, as well as information about fugitives, death row inmates, most wanted, sex offenders, etc. To begin a search, visit Before a search inquiry is accepted, requestors must agree to the terms of service. Next, fill out an inmate inquiry by completing the search fields. Provide as much information on the inmate as possible. Enter their full name, alias, and gender. If applicable, also enter sentencing status, primary offense, conviction county, and most recent institution. Once information is entered, proceed to the following webpage. Search results will provide a color photograph of the requested inmate, detail information on the crimes committed, sentencing details, and release information.

The Pampered Prisoner: This website is another useful tool for searching Georgia inmates. To begin a search, visit The inmate locator includes links to prison searches for each state nationwide. To complete a Georgia search, choose the link, “Georgia inmate locator.” Next, the website will send requestors to the official site for the Department of Corrections. This site will provide many tools for finding information on different criminals. For example, conduct a search of sex offenders by clicking the link, “sex offender registry.” Furthermore, requestors can conduct a search for most wanted fugitives. To find information on an inmate, choose the option, “Inmate Info,” and submit a Georgia inmate inquiry. This search is perfect for locating any inmate within the state of Georgia. Often times, inmates are moved to different locations. The Pampered Prison is regularly updated, thus inmate information is accurate.

Skipease: This site offers a free inmate locator search tool. For a search of Georgia inmates, visit There are two search options available. Requestors may choose to search “The Georgia Inmate Search and Prison Inmate Search.” This option provides a quick search of inmates nationwide. Conduct a search by providing a prison identification number or full name. Secondly, requestors can find an inmate by conducting a search of state correctional facilities. To take advantage of the latter option, select the “Georgia” link within the box consisting of state correctional facilities. Follow the link to the Georgia Department of Corrections website, and complete an inmate search inquiry.

Inmate Classifieds: This website includes information on inmates located in Georgia’s state prisons and city jails. To begin a search, visit Find an inmate by searching state prisons, or the United States Georgia Prisons. To find a city jail inmate, scroll down to the search option, “Georgia County Jails.” This option allows a search of arrest warrants, jail inmates in Fulton County, and Gwinett County jail inmates. If an inmate is not found using these search options, conduct a nationwide inmate search by choosing the link, “how to find an inmate.” This tool is ideal when an inmate’s location is unknown.

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