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GovRegistry grants you unlimited lifetime access to adoptions and birth parents, ancestry archives for the genealogists, arrest records, background checks, bankruptcy files, birth certificates and records, childcare and nanny screening, driver’s license, court records and more.


Almost any kind of information that you wanted to find can now be at your fingertips, providing advanced tools for people searches and a “massive collection of investigation resources.” In fact, GovRegistry claims to be the #1 source for public records on the internet.

Utilizing the same resources as private eyes and law enforcement agencies across the globe, GovRegistry is the legal way to privately conduct your own research and investigations from the comfort of your home. Ever wanted to look for a lost friend, school mate, military buddy, or an old flame? Want to discover someone’s unlisted phone and cell numbers, or how about their email or snail mail address? You can even search Police and FBI records, arrest warrants and various felony files. Worried that there may be a sex offender in your midst? GovRegistry will help you to ferret out known sex offenders, helping you to keep your children safer.

Before a loved one gets into a car, you can investigate the driver’s license and record, as well as their DUI records. Worried that a loved one might have a shady past that they aren’t telling you about? GovRegistry can also help you find out information about whether or not they have spent time in prison or previous marriages and divorces. If you so choose, you can reveal secrets about your lover, daughter’s new date, friends, or even your employer (keep in mind that blackmail is illegal, however - you’ll have to rely on hard work in order to get that raise).

Looking for someone who owes you money or a deadbeat dad? It doesn’t matter who you are looking for or what reasons you have for doing it; chances are that you’ll find out all you ever needed to know about them, just by using this program. And even better? For trying GovRegistry, you also get 3 free gifts! The first, “Criminal Check Software,” is a how-to program that helps you to perform your own background checks from home. “Internet Detective Software” enhances your experience by teaching you how to perform several different types of online investigations. And finally, “Internet Spy Software” continuously monitors web pages accessed and makes a chronological record of all visited URLs on any computer.

The gifts, themselves, are worth more than the affordable cost of this whole package but, in addition to the free gifts, GovRegistry offers more than 25,000 information resources, the majority of which are free (approximately 4% of the resources are fee-based). These resources are continually being updated and added to, along with the occasional surprises that are offered (recently, this was a free vacation certificate!).

There is not a person who, at one time or another, hasn’t wished they had the ability to reach out and unearth information on another. GovRegistry puts that all within reach and for a surprisingly affordable price. Reach out and grab it now, before it gets away.




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