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How to do Reverse Address Searches

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Reverse Address Searches

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How to do Reverse Address Searches

The Internet offers a lot of resources for finding a missing relative, classmate, old boyfriend, and so forth. It is easy for people to lose contact. Employment changes and relocations contribute to lost relationships. Nevertheless, it is also easy for people to reconnect and rebuild their relationships. As long as you know basic information about a person, they can be easily located using the Internet. One method of finding people involves conducting a reverse address search. Reverse address searches are very similar to online people searches using the White Pages or other online phone directory. The only difference is that reverse address searches can locate people using their home address. This search method is perfect when trying to find a phone number.

Consider the following quick tips for conducting an online reverse address search.

  • Reverse Address Directory is a perfect tool for finding someone using their address. People are constantly changing their phone numbers. Even more, it is easy to misplace an important phone number. However, if you can recall the person's home address, a reverse directory may be the answer. To begin, visit and select the reverse address option. This type of search does not require a first or last name. Simply enter the street number and name, city and state, and the instant lookup feature will provide current owner's telephone number and name.
  • The Best People Search is the perfect website for finding detailed information on anyone. The reverse address option is easy to use, and can provide search results within 24 hours. Visit Follow the link for "reverse address lookup." This website also includes a "reverse postal or private mail box lookup" feature. Next, enter the subject's information such as address, city, state, and zip code. Reverse address searches are ideal for investigators or companies verifying information or conducting a background check on someone. Reverse address searches with Best People Search costs $87.00. Moreover, the company is able to locate unpublished or unlisted telephone numbers. If a match cannot be found, the company will refund $80.00.
  • Background Records is another effective website for finding a person using their address. Search results include the full name of persons living at the address and telephone numbers. Furthermore, the website provides the opportunity to purchase additional reports about a person, including criminal records, driving records, property records, and so forth.  Begin your search by entering the person's address, city, and state. If a match is found, you can purchase the search results for $14.95. Reports are delivered via e-mail.
  • provides many quick tools for locating people. In addition to a reverse address search feature, also has a reverse email address lookup. Preliminary searches are free of charge. Based on information entered, the site will provide potential matching results. Before full reports are disclosed, requires a small fee. Using a company that charges a small fee for reverse address results is ideal when trying to locate a hard-to-find person. On the other hand, if the person is listed in a national telephone directory, you can acquire free search results. Visit and follow the "reverse address" link. Begin search by entering the street number, street name, city, and state. An instant search will return matching results free. Within seconds, you can obtain the person's full name and telephone number. Even more, reverse address searches provide additional information about the telephone number such as the service provider and the line type (cellular phone or land line). also includes feature links for searching background, criminal history, and other public records on the person.


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