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How to Locate Your Army Military Personnel Records

Veterans and their relatives may decide to obtain their military records for any number of reasons. Perhaps the original copies were lost along the way and granddad wants to show them to his grandchildren. Perhaps some question came up that no one remembers the answer to regarding time and duty served. Maybe it’s a simple request for family background for a school project. Whatever the reason for the search for your Army Personnel Records is, the National Personnel Records Center is available to help you find them.

Army Military Records contain a vast amount of information and includes name, enlistment, duty stations, duty assignments, training assignments, qualifications,
disciplinary actions, performance report, decorations- including medals and awards
promotions, insurance, emergency data, administrative remarks, discharge information (Report of Separation), retirement information, and other personnel actions.

A request for Army Military Records can be mailed to the National Personnel Records Center. The phone number to call for clarification prior to mailing your request is 1-314-801-0800.

When mailing your request, use the following address:

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, Mo. 63132-5100

Additionally, a request for Army Records can be faxed to the National Personnel Records Center Office, using this fax number: 314- 801-9195. Make sure that you include all pertinent information for your request as indicated below.

A request for Army Records can be made using the eVetRecs system. Only veterans, active or inactive, and their next of kin may use this online request service for Army Records. A son, daughter, unmarried widow, unmarried widower, sister, brother, mother, or father are considered to be next of kin. This link will take you to the page for the eVetRecs system: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/evetrecs/

Online Procedure for eVetRecs:
1. Click on the red button near the bottom of the page labeled “REQUEST MILITARY RECORDS.” A new window will launch.
2. Fill in the customized request form with your personal information. Next of kin can fill in the information of the veteran for whom they are submitting a request. You will be guided through four steps. All four need to be filled in to complete the form.
3. The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that all requests be signed and dated by the veteran or the veteran’s next of kin. Print the signature verification form, sign it, and date it. Steps are given for what to do in the event that you do not have a printer available.
4. To process your request, fax or mail the signature verification form to the given address. This needs to be done in the first twenty days after completing the online request form to avoid having your request cancelled.

Furthermore, the following information should be included with all written or faxed requests and will be requested for all other requests:
• Name
• Social security number
• Service number
• Branch of service
• Dates of service
• Date and place of birth

If you are in search of your Army records or the records of a loved one, don’t hesitate. Begin your search with confidence, knowing that today’s search system for military records is accessible and efficient.

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