How to Locate Baptism Records



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How to Locate Baptism Records

All Baptism records include the same basic kinds of information. Typically, this information consists of the name of the Baptized person, the name of the mother of the person, the name of the father of the person, the name of the place where the person is baptized, typically a church, and the date of the Baptism ceremony.

Where Do I Look for Baptism Records?

Baptism records are commonly kept at the location where the Baptism took place. Therefore, a search for a Baptism certificate for someone who has recently been baptized will require no more than a quick search through local records.

However, if it has been some time since the Baptism occurred, the search may be a bit more extensive and may involve a bit more time to complete the search. Additionally, if the Baptism records being requested are for an individual who has since passed away, the records may have made it into a stored records location that will require even more time to sift through and locate the proper documents.

If the Church has since ceased to exist, due to the shrinking of congregation or parish size, the records may have been transferred to a regional location. This, in and of itself, will require a lengthier search. In fact, if the records have made it to the archives of the regional location, the search may take much longer to turn up the accurate records.

Why Am I Looking for Baptism Records?

Why look for Baptism records in the first place? What possible need could there be for such documents? Baptism certificates are vital documents that may be required in order to receive additional sacraments, including Confirmation or Marriage.

Moreover, Baptism certificates are acceptable pieces of identification in certain circumstances. Additionally, Baptism Records are essential pieces of data for anyone who is conducting a genealogy search or compiling a history of a particular family.

How Do I Conduct My Search for Baptism Records?

If you are searching for Baptism Records, begin your search at the local location, for example, the church, and spread the search out if you fail to meet your goal.

In order to locate Baptismal Records, specific information will be needed. This is even more critical if you are attempting to find the Baptismal Records for an ancestor. Many people share their names with someone else whether in the past or in the present. In order to verify the accuracy of the records that you find, it is critical to have all pertinent information.

The information that you need to have includes:
• The full name given at Baptism
• The full name of the individual later in life
• The maiden name of the individual’s mother
• The name of the church where the Baptism took place
• The year of birth, or at least a close approximation of it
• The place of birth, or at least a close approximation of the location

Is There an Easier Way to Look for Baptismal Records?

Fortunately, modern day technology has made our lives easier in more ways than one. A number of online sites are available to complete the search for vital records for us. Simply locate the one that you want to use, provide them with the information they require, pay the fee, and sit back while they do the work.

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