How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in the United States





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How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in the United States

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Birth Certificates are important documents that not only prove our identity, but also, can be used for genealogical searches. An official copy of a birth certificate is generally given to the parents, or parent, of the child at his or her birth.

The following information is typically included on a birth certificate:
• Full name of the individual at birth
• Place of birth (usually the city and state)
• Exact date of birth
• Full name of the mother (typically includes the maiden name)
• Full name of the father
• Official signature (typically of a county clerk)
• Certificate number

Everyone should have an official copy of his or her birth certificate. Birth certificates prove who we are, who our parents are, and when we were born. An official copy is not only valuable, but also, it is necessary. Birth certificates are often requested as proof of identity for a number of things. Records Registry, an online authority at locating important records, can assist you with locating your birth certificate if you prefer.

Usually, family members have originals or copies of the birth certificates of ancestors. Sometimes they have been passed down from generation to generation, often times, tucked safely into the family Bible. Family members often want to know things about their heritage, but unfortunately, family stories and histories are no longer passed on with the heirlooms of the family. Sometimes, a birth certificate is all that we have to go on to trace our family heritage.

However, if you are looking for a copy of a birth certificate for an ancestor, the task might prove to be a bit more difficult than finding your own birth certificate. Therefore, if you are in search of birth certificates for deceased members of your ancestry, using an online source to assist you may prove valuable in time and success.

Even though birth certificates are important, they have a tendency to get lost or misplaced. People move around from town to town. Children grow up and get their own home, and forget to retrieve their important documents from mom or dad. Schools, sports teams, or businesses that request the birth certificate for identification purposes neglect to return them.

The reason why or how birth certificates become misplaced really has no meaning. What does have meaning is the actual document itself, and that is why it is important to locate an official copy and secure it safely away in a place that you will remember.

Don’t let the lack of an official birth certificate keep you away from your dreams. Don’t wait until the minute arrives that you need to provide proof of identity. Let records Registry help you to locate your official copy today. We provide fast and efficient service and are fully equipped to complete any search. Contact the records service that can save you time, stress, and trouble. Contact Records registry for a job well done and done to your satisfaction.

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