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How to Request a Copy of Your Birth Certificate

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Birth certificates are one of the most important documents an individual will ever have. They are one of the most requested forms of identification. Often, they are requested to prove the individual’s identity; therefore, an official copy of your birth certificate is a good thing to have in your possession. Locating one is relatively easy, providing that you know what to do.

The advent of the Internet into our daily lives has made it quite simple to search for the proper form to complete for a request for an official copy of a birth certificate. Simply download and print out the form. Be sure to double check and print out the correct form since the “in person” and “mail in” forms are different than the “fax” form.

Most of the information that you need to complete your task can be acquired with a simple phone call to your local public office, for example, your state representative’s office. If you are going to apply for your birth certificate in person, request the proper location. If you are going to mail in the request, ask for the mailing address. Finally, if you are going to fax the request in, ask for the fax number. Additionally, this information is also on the website for your state that pertains to requesting official copies of birth certificates.

Only certain individuals may legally request an official copy of a birth certificate. The individual whose name will be on the birth certificate obviously has that right. The person who is requesting the certificate must be eighteen years of age or older. A legal representative of the individual, such as a guardian or lawyer, may also request an official copy of the birth certificate for the individual.

Additionally, immediate family members may place a request for an official copy. Immediate family members fall under an umbrella that includes: mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, sister, brother, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, half sister, half brother, grandparent, great grandparent, grandchild, or great grandchild.

Specific information is required when requesting an official certificate. Although some states may have variations to this list, it is relatively accurate. The full name of the individual whose birth certificate it is must be included. Moreover, if the name has changed since birth, the new name should also be supplied.

Obviously, the date of birth is extremely important here. In some cases, the exact date may not be known, as in cases when someone is searching for the records of their ancestors. If this is the case, and the date is unknown, a search for the certificate will take place, but an additional charge will be assessed depending upon the number of years that need to be searched.

The parents’ names need to be supplied. Typically, the mother’s maiden name is also included. The relationship of the person requesting the certificate to the person whose certificate it is must be clarified. The gender of the person, as well as the county and city of birth, must be given. Additionally, the reason for the request must be given.

The request must be signed by the applicant and dated. The daytime telephone number with the area code of the applicant must be included. The mailing address should also be included with the request.

A fee is charged for the official birth certificate and is typically set at ten dollars for each copy. Veterans and their families are entitled to a free copy of their birth certificate.


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