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Search and Obtain Divorce Records

How to Search and Obtain Divorce Records

Divorce Records

Do you want to know if someone’s divorce is final? If so, this information can be obtained by searching divorce records. The internet is full of resources and archives that reveal personal information. Most people fail to research divorce records online because the process can be long and tedious. However, trying to locate divorce records without the help of a professional or an online service is nearly impossible. For a small fee, you can quickly retrieve divorce records for anyone using the Internet. There are two ways to locate divorce records. One option entails researching a national database or registries holding divorce records. The second option involves hiring a professional investigation service. Both options are useful. However, website results may vary. Consider the following tips for searching divorce records online.

• Every divorce within the United States is recorded with the city or county courthouse. To acquire information about a particular divorce, you can visit the local courthouse, and pay a fee to research the records. However, if looking to retrieve records from your home or office, Courthouse Direct is helpful. To begin, visit and select a state and city to search. Next, enter the name of the person. If searching by the husband’s name, select the search field for “husband”, and vice versa is searching by the wife’s name. In the second search field, enter the full name of the person. The third field allows you to enter any additional search terms. For example, you may include the wife’s maiden name, or a middle name. Lastly, choose a search date range. Documents can be delivered via email, postal mail, or fax.

• Trace a Divorce Record: Trace a Divorce Record is another useful tool for searching divorce records online. Simply visit, and search national divorce registries. This website includes millions of divorce records. Hence, the chances of finding a matching record are high. Begin a divorce record search by entering a full name and selecting the state granting the divorce. A preliminary search will look for matching records. Before divorce records are revealed, requestors must choose a membership plan. Unlimited investigation searches costs $39.99. Two-year access to investigation records costs $34.99. One-year access to investigation records cost $29.99.

• This website provides instant access to divorce records. Many websites offer searches based on first and last name, and state of residence. If the person has a common name, finding a match can be difficult. With, you can search divorce records by Social Security number. Memberships start as low as $29.99. Upon receipt of payment, full access to the divorce record database is granted. Information obtained is reliable and easy to understand. Begin your search by entering the person’s full name, any aliases (maiden name, middle name), city, state, and country. If possible, provide a SSN. Preliminary searches are free. Upon finding a match, users can subscribe to the service, and receive unlimited investigation reports. This is useful for searching a variety of civil records including marriage records, birth records, death records, and so forth.

• National Center for Health Statistics: An inexpensive method for locating accurate divorce records involves contacting your state’s Department of Vital and Health Statistics. This state department keeps a record of all divorce records. Locate the address to local state departments by visiting

Click the state where the divorce occurred. The following page will contain department contact information (office address and telephone number), and information on how to search divorce records (fees, request forms, etc.). Even though divorce records are available to the public, requestors must have an acceptable reason for searching a particular record. Moreover, each requestor must provide a photo ID prior to obtaining a record.

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