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How to Search Birth Records Using the Internet

Birth record searches occur for many reasons. Often times, adoptive adults want to find information about their birth parents and birth location. Usually, the answer to their questions is found on their birth certificate. Moreover, birth record searches are useful if trying to uncover a person's birth date, or when trying to trace a family line. The Internet is full of resources for locating a birth record. Because some birth records are included in national databases or registries, it may be possible to locate a matching record by simply entering a person's name. If interested in the different methods of searching birth records, consider the following websites. Birth records contain important information about a person such as their birth date, name of parents, birth location, child's name, and so forth. When trying to piece together a family line, most people begin by searching birth records. is a very useful site. Even if a United States citizen was born abroad, obtaining a birth certificate and conducting a birth record search is simple. Citizens born in another country may obtain a birth certificate by submitting a written request to:

US Department of State
Passport Correspondence Branch/Overseas Birth
1111 19th Street NW Suite 510
Washington, DC 20522-1705
Phone: (202) 955-0307

To ensure receiving an accurate birth record, include detail information such as full name, gender, date of birth, birth location, mother's maiden name, father's name, relationship, and the purpose for requesting a birth record. Furthermore, requestors must include their name and current address. Citizens born within the United States may obtain a birth certificate by contacting the vital statistic office in the state where the birth occurred. Contact information for each state's vital statistic office can be found at To obtain a birth record, choose the link for the appropriate state.

County Courthouse: County and city courthouses may also provide information on birth records. Each city or county records births, marriages, divorces, and deaths. Before a person can search birth records by county, he or she must know where the birth occurred. If the birth location is known, conduct an online search for county courthouses, and obtain contact information. To start a county courthouse search, visit Upon choosing a state, courthouse addresses, telephone numbers, and locations are provided for each city or county. Requestors may visit the courthouse in-person or submit a written request. Some people search birth records to find a birthday. allows users to conduct a free search of approximately 120 million birthdays. This website receives information from government records. To begin, visit, and enter a first and last name. Be sure to include the person's proper name. For example, if a person's first name is William, avoid nicknames such as Will, Billy, Bill, etc. Additionally, include an estimated age. Search results may include a long list of possible matches. However, each result will include a city and state. Requestors can choose the right record by matching names with current locations.

National Center for Health Statistics: Births records can be easily located by contacting the National Center for Health Statistics. Each state has a Department that holds a variety of vital records such as birth records, marriage records, death records, divorce records, and so forth. Obtaining a birth record is as simple as submitting a written request. Information on where to write for records can be found at To find information on a state's Department of Health, click the state where the birth took place. The following webpage will include helpful information such as the address of the state department, the costs of obtaining a birth record, acceptable payment methods, telephone number, and the department's official webpage.


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