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How to Search, Access, Find, Locate Divorce Records

Marriages start with such promise, but many of them end up in divorce.  Although the dissolution of a marriage is not taken lightly, it is fairly easy to acquire.  The actual process of acquiring a divorce is mandated or regulated by the state in which the petition if filed.  Therefore, the actual divorce records are under the jurisdiction of the state and will remain in the public offices of that state.

Any search for divorce records, must take place in the state where the divorce occurred, since that is the only location where the records will be stored.  If the state where the divorce took place is known, then the search will be a relatively easy one.  Moreover, many states maintain divorce records in two separate locations, making the search even easier.

In general, divorce records include the full names of the individuals involved, the county where the divorce occurred, the date of the divorce, the recorded date of the filing of the divorce document, and a certificate number.  A few states will include additional information, such as the number of children under the age of eighteen.

People search for divorce records for different reasons.  In some cases, the individual looking for the divorce records wants to guarantee that the individual is actually divorced.  In other cases, the records may be wanted as part of a genealogical research project.  Whatever the reasons, there are ways to locate divorce records.

Many companies, such as GovRegistry, are well equipped to handle requests on the search for personal or public records.  Online companies and the abundance of computers for use in public locations, either for a fee or even free, in addition to the number of personal computers, have made the search for public documents within easy reach of most individuals.

Unfortunately, divorce records are not maintained for online searches.  Individuals seeking to find such documents will be required to send a written request to the local county office where the divorce took place.  If the county where the divorce took place is not known, the individual may send a written request to the central state repository for divorce records.

It is unfortunate that not all states have such a repository.  If this is the case, then the individual will need to conduct a county to county search that can prove time consuming, as well as costly.

Furthermore, searches that are begun with insufficient information will take longer and cost more.  It is important to provide as much information as possible when submitting a request for records.  In particular, when requesting divorce records, the individual should include the following information:  the full name of both parties, the street address of the individuals at the time of the divorce, the county and state where the divorce took place, the date of the marriage, and the date of the divorce.

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