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State Sex Offender Search: Idaho

Idaho, along with most other states, offers online access to its registered sex offenders. According to federal law, each state must provide public access to its sex offender population for public awareness and safety. To search the online Idaho database for registered sex offenders visit to access public records and information.

Idaho’s online sex offender registry is maintained by the Idaho State Police. Upon visiting the main page researchers will discover a site that is somewhat different from other state sites. First of all, the main page is divided into threes. Two menus flank either side of a main body of text and resources. Moving left to right, the first menu offers a wide variety of links such as grants and research, community and drug information, law enforcement links, ISP training, etc…This menu may not be relevant to most state sex offender searches, but it does provide access to a wealth of information—some of which may be related to a search.

The middle portion of the page does something interesting. It provides an outline of the mapped state but breaks it down into sections. Researchers can click on any of these portions to search a particular area of the state. Below this, there is a data entry box for entering any key words by which to search the site. This is a nice feature not normally contained on other state websites. Following this are many short blogs and links to items like crime statistics and at-risk youth.

The menu on the right side of the page is where you will find a link to the sex offender registry along with other links to domestic violence, missing persons, Idaho’s violent predators, the Drug Endangered Children’s program and more. Click on the sex offender link to perform a sample search of Idaho’s online registry.

The central sex offender registry page is well-organized. To begin, its first link near the top offers a history of the online registry begun in the early nineties. Within this link are other links to specific laws and statutes regarding the state’s registry. The rest of the main page is beset with a series of links: Begin Online Search for Registry Information, View Non Compliant Sex Offenders, View Violent Sexual Predators, Criteria for Registration as an Adult, Criteria for Registration as a Juvenile, Obligations of Registered Offenders.

Upon clicking the link to search for Registry Information, you will be directed to a page that contains a warning that the information within the registry records cannot be used to harass or harm individuals. To the left, however, is another interesting feature of the Idaho site. It allows researchers to search either the adult or the juvenile database. The juvenile database pulls up a photo and address as well as conviction.

To search the adult database, click on adult database and search by name, city or county. As a sample search, click on a county from the drop down menu. You will be directed to a listing of names and addresses of registered sex offenders of that specific county. Unfortunately, the adult records are as brief as the juvenile ones. After you click on a name and are directed to a specific record, you will find the following information: photo, name, address, offenses, place of conviction and date of conviction—that’s it.

Other state sites provide far more detailed information and search techniques. Many sites offer detailed descriptions of the registered offender and mapping capabilities to map one’s own address to find registered sex offenders in proximity. So while the Idaho site is incredibly streamlined and easy to navigate, the state’s laws do not appear to mandate the release of more information than what it already contains.

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