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State Sex Offender Search: Indiana

The internet has brought public awareness regarding sex offenders to a new level. The purpose of Indiana’s online registry is to present information about sex offenders so the general public can become aware and take precautions in their neighborhoods and homes. By visiting researchers—anyone—can use the site to obtain information about this fearful segment of our population.

This site known as the Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex Offender Registry opens first to a page of acknowledgments. Essentially, this first page contains a disclaimer about the accuracy of the information. Most sites contain a similar disclaimer or statement because much of the information is derived from the sex offenders themselves. For example, in any given state, sex offenders have a certain amount of time to register a new address. It is possible for the site to describe an offender’s address even though they may have actually moved to a new one. Not only is it important to read these disclaiming paragraphs, searchers must actually verify that they have read the information by clicking in the appropriate section. Neglecting to click will prevent searching the site.

Once you click the verification, you will be linked to a search page. The page contains all the ways by which you might search for Indiana sex offenders. The first search box is for address searches. You plug in the street address, city and zip code for an address you wish to reference. If you want to learn about sex offenders who may be residing near your home, enter your own address. You will be linked to a page containing a map of your neighborhood. If there are registered sex offenders in your area, you will see blue squares. Use the mouse to hover over a square and a photo will pop of the sex offender along with relevant information.

The next search box is for a city or town search. You simply enter any town in Indiana by using the drop-down menu. Again, you will be greeted with a map of the town and boxes representing the sex offenders. By clicking on the offender you can be linked to a page with all their specific information. A photo, address, description, employer, charges, etc…The same search can be performed via the next search box by zip code. A zip code search will reveal a similar interactive map in which all the boxes can be viewed and the information for each sex offender in the specified area obtained. Finally, a name search can be tried to pull up the specifics on a particular sex offender.

The Frequently Asked Questions section can be clicked on from the main page. It is important to read through this section as it links to important updates such as changes in Indiana’s sex offender laws. You can even access potential changes to the laws while they are in bill stage by clicking on the appropriate links. This section also explains why some sex offenders must register for a period of ten years while others have lifetime notification status. This section also breaks down what types of crimes constitute sex offender status.

The website also provides other useful links that include the Indiana Sheriff’s Department, Indiana Courts and Clerk of Courts, The National Sex Offender Public Registry, the Indiana State Police, the Indiana Department of Corrections and many others that include links to each state sex offender registries.

Interestingly, this website also allows people to sign up for email notifications to alert interested parties when a sex offender moves into a specified radius surrounding their address.

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