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State Sex Offender Search: Iowa

Researchers may search Iowa’s online Sex Offender Registry directly by visiting Like all other U.S. states, Iowa is subject to federal laws that stipulate each state must provide public access to sex offender records and information related to their convictions for sexual offences. Iowa’s online sex offender registry is both streamlined and concise for user-friendly navigation.

Each state’s online sex offender registry is a unique set up. Sometimes features, services and information will overlap, but every site is essentially one-of-a-kind. Compared to other state sites, Iowa’s is first rate. The home page spells everything out that researchers most need to know regarding sex offenders. Upon reaching the home page, you will see a main body of text that provides information about the site and the registration of sex offenders. You will also learn that the website is updated daily.

Beneath these two paragraphs are two boxed items and text about Jacob Wetterling and Megan’s Law. These two young children and their tragic cases have inspired a considerable amount of legislation. These paragraphs outline their stories. The very top of the home page provides a short menu with links for: Search, Registration Info., Prevention Info., Forms, Statistics and Contact. Again, straightforward and self-explanatory—you can easily browse these links to gain particular information regarding a search.

The left side of the screen shows another menu. In small print, you fill find underlined links to Division of Criminal Investigation, Department of Public Safety, State of Iowa, DPS Site Map, and DPS Job Opportunities. These may or may not be links that are relevant to a particular sex offender search, but they are offered as additional links to information. Under these, are unmistakable blue boxes that are links for: Search Registrants, Map Registrants Near an Address, Email Notifications and Watches. In bold block letters, these buttons are hard to miss and perfectly self-explanatory.

By choosing the button to Search Registrants you will be directed to a page that is informational. Read the screen—you will be expected to agree to the italicized statement near the end of this text in order to perform a search. Essentially this text explains that not all Iowa sex offenders are listed on this site. It further explains that no information obtained from this site may be used to harass or harm an offender. Once you read this information, if you agree, then click on the subsequent link to continue.

You will then be linked to a search page—a really strong page compared to other state’s similar pages. This is good because the site actually explains how to search. Before you get to the actual search fields you will see some relevant public information along with a couple short paragraphs about how to search. Then you will come to the search fields themselves. Iowa offers more searchable fields than most states. Researchers have the option to search for sex offenders by: last name, first name, city, county, zip code, registrant gender, victim gender, race, height, weight, approximate, age, hair color, eye color, conviction county.

This is far more searchable criteria than other state sex offender sites permit. It inevitably demonstrates advocacy for public awareness and safety. These fields do not permit an address search; however, if you go back to the home page, there is a link to map an address. By plugging in an address, you will be able to view a map of nearby sex offenders with an option to link to their particular records.

As a sample search, type in an Iowa town or city in the box for a city search and click the submit button. You will be linked to a page that lists columns of sex offenders and their addresses. If you require more information, you may click on a name to be directed to that offender’s online record. Once you are within a specific record, you will see the sex offender’s photo, address, county, birth date, sex, weight, height, hair, eyes and markings. You will also find information about specific convictions that include date, type of conviction, county, victim age and victim gender.

Again, you may wish to use this particular address in a mapping search available on the home page. Iowa does an excellent job with this site. It provides public information in a navigable format.

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