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There are numerous ways to search for a prison inmate using the Internet. Because the Internet is literally an “information highway,” you can find useful information on every imaginable subject. For this reason, many people use the web as a method of searching public records. Public records consist of online databases offering details on another person’s credit history, criminal history, driving records, etc. Moreover, inmate searches are also public knowledge and easily found by browsing an inmate locator tool. Of courses, not all inmate locator tools are effective. Additionally, some charge a service fee. If searching for a prison inmate in Kentucky, take advantage of the following websites.

Kentucky Department of Corrections: If looking for a prisoner or sexual offender in Kentucky, the website powered by the Department of Corrections is extremely useful. To locate a person, simply enter their name or identification number in the search field and wait for a response. To begin a quick online search, visit the official website at . Under the left side toolbar, choose the “Inmate Information” link. This webpage will provide additional information such as how to contact a prison inmate by telephone, email, or written letter. Moreover, this link provides information on death row inmates. To complete a search form, choose the “Kentucky Offender Online Lookup,” or KOOL feature. This website offers simple search criteria. Enter the prisoner or offenders first and last name. If applicable, enter a middle name or initial. Submit the search inquiry. At this time, the website will search all prison databases that retain information on Kentucky inmates.

Kentucky Health and Public Safety: To begin a search of prison inmates by means of the Department of Health and Public Safety, visit . This site allows a search of inmates and registered sex offenders. Search prison inmates by selecting the link, “KOOL Online Inmate Search.” If looking for information on possible sexual offenders living in your neighbourhood, choose the link, “Sex Offender Registry.” The online inmate locator will provide the necessary tool for finding ample information on all inmates held within the state’s correctional facilities. Simply enter a name, and wait for a matching record to appear. Record details include information such as prisoner’s full name, offences, conviction history, sentence date, release date, description, and perhaps a color photograph. When searching the Kentucky sexual offender registry, users receive additional information on offenders currently incarcerated, and those who reside in the community.

GovRegistry: Even though the state of Kentucky offers several free online databases for searching inmate records, if you know little information about a particular inmate, a search of national records may provide quicker results. In this instance, take advantage of public record sites such as GovRegistry. To begin an inmate search, visit . Enter the inmate’s information in the following search fields. If possible, do not leave any blanks empty. GovRegistry will request information such as the inmate’s first name, last name, alias, city, and state. Upon submitting the search request, the website will start a search of all prison and public records. This is the best way to obtain a comprehensive account on any inmate. Find information such as date of sentencing, date of release, felony or conviction record, offence, and a host of personal inmate information. Prior to searching GovRegistry, registration is required. Choose from three membership options. Unlimited public record searches are available for a one-time fee of $39.95. Two-year membership is available for $34.95. One-year basic membership to GovRegistry is available for $29.95. In addition to acquiring online prison inmate information, this site is useful for searching a variety of other public records.

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