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State Sex Offender Search: Kentucky

The public has online access to Kentucky’s sex offender registry by visiting and searching the database. Like all states, Kentucky is subject to a federal law that mandates the states to allow public access to sex offender registries. Each state offers an online access, but all the state sites operate independently and quite differently from one another.

The above web address will direct you to the home page for Kentucky’s sex offender registry. The site is maintained by the Kentucky State Police. The most noticeable feature when you visit the homepage is a highlighted phone number for the new Kentucky Sex Offender Alert Line which can be called toll free at 1-866-564-5652. To find out more about this feature, simply click on the link and you will be directed to more detailed information.

Like most state sites, the purpose of Kentucky’s online sex offender registry is to offer public awareness and safety. From the home page researchers will also learn that registered offenders are divided into two categories: lifetime registrants whose address must be verified every ninety days and ten-year registrants whose addresses must be verified annually. The site also informs the public of the penalties for harassing any sex offenders on the home page.

On the left side of your screen you will also notice a blue menu listing links: Search Registry, Home, KSP Home, KRS Chapter 17, Justice Cabinet, Corrections, FAQ, and Related Sites. For the purposes of this tutorial, click on the top choice, Search Registry. Immediately you will be directed to a brief and simple search page.

Atop this page is a general disclaimer that most state registries provide. Essentially, the State Police cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information as much of it is provided to them by other agencies and the sex offenders themselves; however, they strive to provide the most accurate and current information they are able. After the disclaimer paragraph, you must scroll down. You will see four text boxes or fields by which you can search. These fields do not have dropdown menus—you must know the name, city, county or zip code by which you mean to search.

The search mechanism offers a no-frills approach to research. It is simple, but not altogether user-friendly without the extra bells and whistles that accompany other state registry searches for sex offenders. In any case, perform a sample city search. Find the city text box and enter any Kentucky city or town. Hit enter and you will be directed to an alphabetical listing of registered sex offenders residing in your search city. This page is organized by columns: last name, first name, registration date, date of birth, address, city, zip, county, and last updated date. The last name can be clicked on as a link to specific information about an offender.

If you click on an offender’s last name, you will be directed to their record which contains the following information: photo, sex offender registration number, name, address, county, date of birth, sex and aliases. The next section of the record provides physical descriptions including height, weight, hair color, eye color and race. The final section of the record outlines the offenses committed. Besides the specific offense(s), researches may view whether the offender has a lifetime or ten-year registration status as well as a section for agency remarks. Remarks might indicate where they moved from, for example.

Interestingly, once in a specific record, there is a link that allows flyers to be printed. This is an unusual feature that most state sites do not offer. Kentucky’s online registry does not offer extra search features such as maps, but it is streamlined and simple to navigate making searching hassle-free.

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