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Four Ways To Lookup People By Address


It's amazing how easy it can be to get information about someone if you have an address to start your search. You can lookup people by address. This might come in handy if you come upon an address, but you need to confirm if it belongs to the person for whom you are searching. There at least four methods you could use to lookup people by address.

Searching local land records

Many communities have made their public records, such as deeds, tax rolls and property assessment information available online. Most databases are searchable by parcel number, by owner's name or by address. Typing an address into the search window will usually give you the name of the current owner of the property. Some county assessor websites might also provide you with the names of former owners.

County deed records are another public record source for information about a property owner when you have an address. Again, many of these records are available online, but if you are trying to lookup people by address in a county that has not made its records available online, you can always take a trip to the county clerk's office to do a manual search.

Recorded deeds give you information about the current owner associated with a particular address, and they also allow you to search back for information about former owners. You can also get copies of recorded deeds to the property that you are searching.

Lookup people by address using nongovernment websites

There are many websites available that permit you to lookup people by address. Once you input an address, the website gives you the names of any people listed as residing at that location. There are more extensive searches available at websites that only attorneys, law enforcement, debt collectors and private investigators can access. These sites create lists of people living at a particular address and also living at neighboring homes, but federal and state laws limit such searches to specific law enforcement or court-related uses.

Sources that are available to you include white pages and Yellow Pages directories. Some websites also offer a reverse search feature to let you lookup people by address.

Using Google Maps to find an address

If you do not have an address of the person you want to find, you can get it by using Google Maps. As long as you have a general idea of the location of the address that you are looking for, you can get the address by locating the area on the map and dragging the red marker to the home or building. The results will be the address and the longitude and latitude of the property associated with your search.

Hiring a professional to help you with your search

You always have the option to hire a private investigator or a professional locator service to help you to find someone. Professionals charge a fee, but if your own efforts to lookup people by address or other means have failed, the cost might be worth it.


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