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State Sex Offender Search: Maine

Like all states, Maine is required by federal law to permit public access to its sex offender registry. This registry can be viewed by visiting in order to access public information and public records. While every state now provides online access to their registry, each state’s online registry and website is completely different. Also, each state may define sex offenders and sex offences slightly different. Consequently, careful research of a registry is important in order to obtain the information you need.

Maine’s home page, unlike more simple sex offender sites, is packed full with information and the page appears dense with text. While this is off-putting to users who prefer a more navigable site, it is full of important information. Essentially the home page is split between the larger body of the page and left-side menu that lists various links. The main body of the page discusses the site itself—you will learn that it is maintained by the Maine State Police and State Bureau of Investigation. It is worth knowing this as many state sex offender sites are maintained by a country sheriff for example.

This text also explains that Maine does not list all its sex offenders on this registry. Most states only list those offenders it categorizes as high risk to offend again or if they are violent sexual predators. States categorize sex offenders by their own criteria. Usually referred to in levels. Many states only list their level 2 and 3 offenders—the most dangerous of this population.

The main body of this text also provides two links. One link is to Frequently Asked Questions. You will find an even longer page with links to answers of popular questions. You will also find office hours, mailing address, telephone. If you need to contact this agency, you should mail your query to: Sex Offender Registry, State Bureau of Identification, State House Station No. 42, Augusta, ME 04333-0042. To reach them by telephone, call 207-624-7270. Otherwise, be sure to read through the FAQs and their answers. Most pertinent information about the site and how it categorizes offenders, etc…can be found here.

The other link in the home page’s main body of text is to Maine legislation regarding individuals who must register. All this is not necessarily essential to conduct a simple neighborhood search for sex offenders; however, once into specific sex offender records, researchers will invariably have questions regarding charges, categorization of the offender, etc…

The menu on the left side of the home page is many links relevant to the subject of sexual offenders are located. However, don’t look for a direct link to Maine’s sex offender registry here. You won’t find it which makes for some initial confusion. What you will see is another link for FAQs as well as links to: Maine Child Abuse Hotline, Maine Domestic Violence Hotline, Public Criminal Record Request Service, Maine Sexual Assault Support Line, National Sex Offender Public Registry, Klass Kids Foundation, Jacob Wetterling Foundation, FBI’s Kids Page (Safety Tips), Victim Services, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Violence Against Women Office and many others.

To link to the Maine sex offender registry you must scroll down the whole page. You will see a small phrase in blue that reads “get started now.” Click on the button that says “go.” And voila—you are ready to search. It is not the most sophisticated layouts, but it gets the job done. Researchers may now search name or perform a city / town search for registered sex offenders.

As a sample search, enter a Maine town. You will then be directed to a list of names. Click on any name to obtain that person’s record. When you get into a specific record you will find the following: photo, town listing (not specific address), place of employment (no listed address), and convictions. To obtain more specific information, you may obtain it by clicking on the link; however, you will be prompted to convey your own personal information. This is not common with other states, but it is Maine’s current procedure for distributing more specific information to the public. It requires hoop-jumping, but it is possible and free to obtain the information.

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