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Even though the Internet contains an abundance of free resources, select information is not easily available through the search engines. For example, searching marriage records online may seem like an easy task. However, the majority of websites offering this type of search require a one-time or monthly membership fee. Even if free online marriage record searches exist, stumbling across these websites may take several hours. Marriage records contain information regarding the marriage of two people. For example, date of marriage, place of marriage, witnesses, names of groom and bride's mother and father, and so forth.

A marriage record search is valuable for a number of reasons. If a marriage record is damaged or lost, married couples may search their personal record and request a new marriage certificate. Furthermore, many people search marriage records to trace their family's genealogy. Whatever the reason, there are numerous resources for searching marriage records. The majority of online sites require a fee. Nevertheless, there are ways to obtain a copy of an inexpensive marriage record. Consider the following tips for searching marriage records.

County Courthouse: Searching the county or local courthouse for a marriage record is a great place to start. If looking to replace your personal marriage certificate, obtaining this information is easy, and usually involves a low fee. However, couples must contact the courthouse in the city where the marriage took place. Because marriage records are considered public information, many counties will release this information to anyone. This is perfect for persons trying to trace their family lineage.

National Health Center for Statistics: This government agency maintains one of the largest databases of statistical records in the country. For this matter, all deaths, births, and marriages are registered with this agency. Individuals searching for a specific marriage record can write the National Health Center for Statistics and request a copy. Each state has a department. The following link includes information on where to write for records, Next, choose the state where the marriage occurred. The address and telephone number of the state department will appear. The fee for obtaining a copy of a marriage record varies according to state. On average, requestors can expect to pay $10 - $12. When requesting copies of a marriage record, include accurate information such as:

Husband's full name
Wife's full name (include maiden name)
Date of marriage
Place of marriage (city or county)
Your relationship to the married couple (grandchild, child, sibling, etc.)
Purpose for requesting the marriage record
Your name and address This marriage record database includes a comprehensive listing of marriage records. To begin your search, choose a state to search. Next, enter the first and last name of the person you want to search. Additionally, this webpage will include detail information on how to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate through the state's Division of Vital Statistics. Contacting this state agency may offer better results because many marriage record archives have not been published on the Internet. is another valuable marriage records search tool. This website is able to locate many marriage records using the Internet's best resources. To begin, users may start with a preliminary search. After entering the first and last name of the parties, and their city and state, the system will begin searching marriage records. Once a matching record is located, instant access is available with membership. Fees are one-time, and users have three membership options. One-year access to records search costs $29.95, two-year access costs $34.95, and five-year access costs $39.95. Besides marriage records, members have instant access to death records, birth records, divorce records, and people searches.

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