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State Sex Offender Search: Maryland

Each state, in accordance with federal law, must provide free public access to their sex offender registry. Researchers may search Maryland’s online sex offender registry by visiting Provided to protect children and others from offenders with high risk and violent histories, this website is organized thoroughly for an easy search.

When you visit you will link to the Maryland Department of Corrections and Correctional Services. Often, this is the agency from each state that handles the sex offender registry. Sometimes, in other state searches, you might be linked to various county sheriffs’ sites. The home page for Maryland’s site is densely packed with other services and information for the public. Among the headings you may consider are: Online Services, Public Services, Victim Services, Rehabilitation Services, Locations and so forth.

To search Maryland’s online sex offender registry, look for the link under the heading Online Services. You will then be directed to a page that discusses the registry along with a disclaimer which similarly appears on other state sex offender registries. Essentially, the site maintains that it is not responsible for errors or omissions—although it does its best to maintain accuracy and integrity of the information. However, before you click on the link “proceed to online registry” (you have the option to choose to download the registry as well), look to the right of your screen.

The right side menu offers access to a considerable wealth of information regarding sex offenders and public safety. Researchers can sign up for automatic notification regarding the movement of sex offenders; they can also obtain a printed copy of the registry (for a fee of $15.50). The menu does a good job of sorting the information allowing researchers to decide what they want to access. Many websites on this subject tend to bombard visitors with lots of information; this site offers access while maintaining and easy-to—navigate site.

When you click the proceed button, you will immediately be directed to a search page. The search options are also easy to navigate from this page. Researchers have the option to search either by name or zip code. Other state registries offer this type of search as well. Many residents prefer to search their own zip code to see of sex offenders reside in close proximity to their home; for instance, a parent would certainly want to know if their child walks a route to get to Brownies or Cub Scouts that directly passes a violent sex offender’s dwelling.

If you perform a search by zip code, you will be linked to a page that contains the sex offender(s) that reside in that city or town. The results page will contain a listing for a registered offender that includes a photo (that may be enlarged), name, address, charge, category (states if they are a sexually violent offender or a child sexual offender for instance), date of birth, age, and status (whether or not they are compliant).

The information is provided in an organized easy-to-read format. If you return to the search page, researchers will note that they have other search options beside the name or zip code search. They may search to see registrants are employed or enrolled at Maryland institutions of higher education, registrants that are not Maryland residents, and finally, have the option to browse an interactive map of sex offenders.

While the interactive map is an excellent search method, it is not always found on some state registries. Maryland features one. The other two search methods are not usually found on other state sex offender registries. If you click on the link for the interactive map, you can search for offenders by entering an address or a country. The map then shows offenders that live near the address or throughout the county. Researchers can click on the sex offender symbol and pull up their specific information right from the map.

All states handle their sex offender registries slightly different from one another. Maryland does an excellent job by maintaining a well-organized website that should prove easy for both expert and novice researchers to use.

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