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In the course of their day-to-day work, doctors generate many documents like patient history, various reports, notes, discharge summaries and other letters. Medical transcription is a procedure by which all the data in these records is correctly and swiftly converted and stored as printed or electronic data. The input data is received in tapes, digital system or voice files. The medical transcriber uses earphones to listen to them. A foot pedal is used as a start and stop mechanism for transcription the data with the help of a word processor. A good medical transcriber must have accurate listening skills, familiarity with medical terms and knowledge of word processors and typing. For efficient transcription an extensive medical spell checker and a handy abbreviation list is required.

For successful medical transcription, specialized training is required. A medical transcriber must have knowledge of the following: -

Computer literacy
Since the data has to be transcribed with the help of the computer, it is essential that the medical transcriber be knowledgeable about the computer basics. This includes the various components of a computer system and their functions, computer networking, operating systems, hardware and software. An introduction to Internet and its functioning is also required. There after the medical transcriber must have a very thorough knowledge of operating a word processor. They must have a good working grasp of spreadsheets and presentation software too.

Medical terminology
For successfully transcribing the data, the medical transcriber must have a surface idea of medical terminology and functions. A basic course in Anatomy and Physiology of the human body is essential. Familiarity with the various systems like the endocrine system, the reproductive system, the digestive system, the nervous system etc. is required. This also covers topics like pregnancy, genetics, aging, pathology etc. there is a need to learn all the medical terminologies used in various reports and notes.

Office Procedures
Medical transcribers need to know about the standard office procedures like electronic and print mailing of letters, business letter formats, office machines, planning and policy issues etc.

Legal issues
There are many legal issues around medical transcription. Health record maintenance also involves confidentiality issues. The medical transcriber must be aware of them all.

Apart from these issues, a medical transcriber needs to be trained on various aspects of the industry like the options available, career opportunities, technical and legal issues.

Many colleges and institutions offer courses teaching medical transcription. There are many options available online too.
After successfully completing, the training medical transcribers can be employed by doctors at their clinics, hospitals, dispensaries and third party agencies that provide medical transcription facility.

The nature of medical transcription is such that it can be easily operated from home after the medical transcriber achieves the basic proficiency. The startup cost is low and easy training options are available on the Internet. The medical transcriber also has the flexible timing at their disposal. Due to these reasons, medical transcription is gaining immense popularity as a work from home option.

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