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Military Records may include the following information:
• Name of the individual
• Enlistment data
• Duty stations
• Duty assignments
• Training assignments
• Qualifications achieved
• Disciplinary actions taken, if any
• Performance report
• Decorations- including medals and awards
• Promotions- including type and date
• Insurance data
• Emergency data
• Administrative remarks, if any
• Discharge information (Report of Separation)
• Retirement information
• Other personnel actions, if any

Quite often personal Military Records become temporarily misplaced, irretrievably lost, or accidentally destroyed. Occasionally, we reminisce about the days spent in training, at boot camp, on assignment, or overseas with the many men and women that we have served with. Sometimes, as we age, our memories grow a bit dim and dates and locations begin to blend together in a misty haze.

We develop a desire to recall things accurately, but realize that we can’t quite do that. Then, we realize that personal Military Records may be just what we need to jog the memory and fill in the blanks. This is when the quest to find replacement records begins. Before we can accomplish locating our personal Military records, we need to locate the method by which we go about our search.

Personal Military records contain a vast amount of information, and even though much of it may be purely statistical in nature, the information provides a great deal of background information as well. Family genealogies are partially created with the information contained within these reports. Facts in research papers of even books can be verified with the information contained in personal Military records.

The benefits of having a copy of your personal Military files are many, and the possibility of downfall is nonexistent. Locating your Military records may be just what you need to jog that memory back into its sharpness. Fortunately, the quest for replacement records has many paths. If they prefer to do the search themselves, veterans only need to look to the National Personnel Records Center located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Veterans seeking their personal records can take advantage of an online authority, such as GovRegistry, and sit back and relax while they locate and retrieve the records for them. GovRegistry is fully capable of locating many types of records quickly and efficiently. In fact, the sheer enormity of the number of Military records in existence today, may create a bit of a challenge for the average individual to locate their personal records.

Immediate family members of veterans may also request copies of their personnel files. If the veteran is living, the family member will need to seek permission and have proof of it, typically a signed document. If the veteran is deceased, they may need to provide proof of his or her death with a death certificate.

Consider the ease of allowing GovRegistry to find your Military records while you go about the business of daily living. Our resources put us a step or two above any other method of searching for army records, air force records and all military records, and they allow us to accomplish this task quickly and efficiently.

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