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Finding Divorce Records in Missouri

Re Missouri Divorce Files all divorce proceedings are regulated by the state in which the divorces are filed. The states maintain the divorce records for their jurisdiction, typically in a central or main storage place for official records such as a state repository.

However, each county courthouse is the main storage location for divorce records in its jurisdiction. Therefore, a search for divorce records should commence at the local county courthouse where the divorce was filed and finalized. In Missouri, you should contact the Clerk of Circuit Court with your request.

While official copies can be obtained from the state repository by written request, certified copies are only obtained from the local county courthouse where the divorce was filed. County courthouses typically charge a small fee. This fee varies across states; however, currently in Missouri no fee is charged to retrieve a divorce record.

When a request is filed, specific information about the requestor is necessary such as name, address, and relationship to the individual named in the records. Obviously, the request needs to include basic information about the individual named in the records such as address, full name, and more. The most important pieces of information usually are the name of the husband and county. Divorce records are filed under the husbandís name at the local county courthouse.

Specific information about the divorced couple is included in the divorce records. This varies across states.

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