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Searching Municipal Court Records in Franklin County, Ohio
 Municipal Court records are public records which are available to members of the public to view and photocopy.  In Franklin County, Ohio, certain aspects of Municipal Court records are available online, and even more information can be gleaned by viewing files in person in the Office of the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk of Courts.  Here are a few tips on how to locate Franklin County Municipal Court records online or in person, and what to expect when you do.
What Is Contained in Franklin County, Ohio Municipal Court Records?
The Franklin County Municipal Court handles both criminal and civil matters.  The Court handles small claims civil matters and civil matters where the amount of money sought is $10,000 or less.  The Court also shares jurisdiction with the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas for matters where the amount sought is between $10,000 and $25,000, meaning that these cases might be filed in either court.   The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over minor criminal matters such as misdemeanors, and traffic violations.  The court also includes an environmental division for violations of environmental laws.
How Can I Search Municipal Court Records Online?
The Franklin County Municipal Court offers some basic information online from its files.  Although the information available this way is limited, a searcher can obtain basic information about the parties involved in the case, the case number, the judge designated to oversee the case, any documents filed in the case, and any scheduled court dates.
The Franklin County Municipal Court website may be found here.  From this page, visitors may select the “Public Access and Records Search” in the middle of the page.  Clicking this link will take visitors to another page entitled “Courtcase Information Search.”  Visitors may then click on the blue text, “Public Access Records Search.”  Clicking this text will take searchers to the search page.
In the search page, visitors can search by individual name or company name, case number, traffic ticket number, driver’s license number, or social security number.  After entering the search term or terms in the search page slots, click the button marked “Search” at the bottom of the page.  The computer will locate all files matching the terms entered, and will return a list of results including the name of the party, the case number, and the status of the case (whether the case is open or has been closed).  The case numbers in the list are all hyperlinks; clicking on these will take a searcher to a summary page featuring the specified case.  The summary page includes the case number and case name, the names of the attorneys involved, the category of case, the date the case was filed, and whether the case is open or closed.
From the summary page, a searcher can click on various tabs at the top of the page to view other information.  The “Parties” page shows the name of all parties that have been named in the case.  The “Events” page shows events such as hearings that have been scheduled in the case.  The “Dockets” page shows the case docket, which includes a chronological list of events during the history of the case, including the scheduling of important matters and the filing of various court documents.  The “Disposition” page shows how the case was resolved, if the case has been closed.  The “Costs” page shows any court fees that were incurred by any party.
How Can I Search Municipal Court Records In Person?
If you are able and wish to view court files in person, you can visit the Franklin County Municipal Court in person and obtain access to the file in the Office of the Clerk of Courts.  The Franklin County Municipal Court is located at 375 South High Street, Columbus Ohio 43215, where it shares a lobby with two adjoining court buildings.  The Office of the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk of Courts is located on the third floor.
Inside the Office of the Clerk of Courts, an information desk is located close to the entrance, where you can receive direction to the file room at the back.  Employees are usually available and will be able to locate the desired file by case number.  If you have not learned the case number of the file prior to traveling to the courthouse, the Office of the Clerk of Courts has public access computers located near the entrance where you will be able to locate the case number by searching by the name of one or more participants in the case, as detailed above.
Sometimes the file you are seeking will not be located in the Clerk of Courts Office.  This may happen because the file is too old and has been archived.  If this is the case, employees can request the file for you and have it available in a few days.  The file might also not be available because it is en route to or from the Clerk of Courts Office from another courthouse location, such as the Judge’s Chambers.  When this is the case, you can wait a few days to allow time for the file to return to the Clerk of Courts Office, where it can be accessed and, if you wish, photocopied.  If the file remains away from the Clerk of Courts Office for an extended period of time, it may be in the Judge’s Chambers in the position of the Judge’s bailiff.  Sometimes a little charm can get you access to the file by addressing the bailiff politely.  It is unwise to address the judge directly regarding the location of a file.
Municipal Court records are made available to the public and in Franklin County, Ohio, they are simple to access.  With a little patience and savvy, you can easily access the information you need.  

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