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Nanny Screening with Government Records

Nanny Screening with Government-Records

Never entrust the care of your children to a stranger without taking advantage of nanny screenings with Government-Records. Finding a qualified and devoted nanny is a hard task. Working parents may interview a dozen candidates, review references, and based on their findings, pick the best candidate for the job – or so they think. Nevertheless, some people are excellent with hiding their true self. Potential nannies may arrive at the interview with a charming personality and bond well with the children. Impressed with the nannies credentials, you may feel as if the interviewee is a perfect match for your family. When choosing a nanny for your children, relying on your gut feeling is not enough. Everyone has a past, including your nanny. Nanny screening with Government-Records will disclose any criminal activity in the nanny’s past, and help parents decide whether an applicant should be welcomed into their home.

Even with a great resume and references, a potential nanny could be hiding a secret from an earlier period. Criminal activity could have taken place one year ago or a decade ago. Regardless of the period, wouldn’t you like to know? Persons with strong instinct skills often find that making an accurate character judgment is difficult. Nannies with a history of lying and fraud have mastered the art of disguise. In an attempt to protect their children from abusive or cruel nannies, cautious parents discreetly set up cameras throughout the home. Yet, by the time a violent nanny is uncovered, the children have already sustained physical or emotional abuse. With Government-Records, a child is never placed in a potentially harmful situation.

Because there is no state or national guidelines for nannies, any person with a criminal history can apply for a nanny position. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to carry out a thorough background check on all applicants. Nanny screenings with Government-Records provide employers with background information such as previous residences, date of birth, and any alias names. Therefore, any crimes committed or convictions under a different name will be revealed through the search. Background checks also include a search of court records. This search exposes whether an applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or served time in prison. A thorough nanny screening also includes searching sex offender records for possible sexual assault charges. Is the nanny responsible for transporting the children from school? If so, order a copy of their driving record. Government-Records can provide a nanny screening on U.S. citizens and permanent residents with a legitimate Social Security number.

Government-Records screens potential nannies using a variety of public records, and can find information on any person. Government-Records is highly effective with searching records, and providing reliable information on all applicants. The user-friendly site is easy to navigate, and includes a broad range of online records. Other sites offer links to dead end searches, incomplete records, or unreliable records. If you are thinking about hiring a nanny for your children, have confidence in Government-Records to uncover everything from the applicant’s past.

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