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Finding Divorce Records in Nebraska

Since divorces are regulated by the state, divorce records are maintained by the state. Specifically, the local county where the divorce was filed and finalized stores the divorce records. Usually, the Prothonotary Office at the local county courthouse holds all of the divorce records. Although some states have a state repository that also maintains a database of records, any requests for certified copies should be directed to the county.

Since divorce records are filed by the husbandís name, all searches usually begin with this information. The next piece of important information is the name of the county. If this isnít known, then you will need to search for the records one county at a time. This can prove to be time consuming in states with numerous counties.

A search for past and current spouses can also be done in an attempt to locate the county. A search for spouses will produce a list of the addresses along with the names. If this does not list the counties, they can be found easily enough using the addresses. Another method would be to search at the state level to gather the information, and then a certified copy can be requested from the county.

A written request is usually required for a certified copy of a divorce record. Specific information about the individual who places the request is necessary, including your relationship to the individual whose records you are requesting. Additionally, the courthouse requires a small fee, typically between five and fifteen dollars at this time. Some courthouses accept credit card payments.

Searches will be more efficient if the requested information is provided. Genealogical searches often take longer in locating divorce records since less information is usually available. Therefore, the use of other information may be necessary to ferret out these records.

The typical search for divorce records usually takes between two to ten days. Influencing factors are the size of the county courthouse, the number of staff members, the time of year, and the amount of information that is provided. A small fee is generally required to receive a certified copy of the divorce record.



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