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Searching the Nevada prison system for an inmate is simple. The majority of states have online search tools, which makes locating an inmate effortless. However, some inmate locator tools are difficult to understand or require a lot of information. A Nevada inmate search is capable of finding an accurate rate with little information. Thus, if the only known information is a first and last name, all matching records will appear. Of course, the more information entered about the person, the better. Nonetheless, entering basic information can provide a good starting point. The following websites are highly useful for searching prison inmates in Nevada.

Nevada Inmate Search Form: This form offered by the Nevada Department of Corrections is great for finding any inmate held within Nevada. Using the Department of Corrections is practical because inmate information is updated regularly. Therefore, if an inmate is moved or transferred to a new correctional facility, this is immediately reflected on the Department's website or inmate registry. To begin a quick search, visit Before searching the database, you must complete the following search fields. Find an inmate by entering their full name, first and last. Additionally, inmates can be searched by prison identification number. The latter search option is the most effective. Each prisoner is given a unique identification number. Entering this number in the search field will provide a quick and accurate match. Upon entering a name in the search field, the results will provide detail information about the inmate in question. For example, results supply their prison ID number, date of birth, full name, ethnicity, weight, age, offense, and sentencing details. If a color photograph of the prison inmate is available, this is also viewable on the Nevada Department of Correction's website.

Courts Online: Whether searching for a prison or jail inmate, Courts Online is an easy search method. Although the majority of states offer free inmate searches, it can be difficult to locate an inmate without knowing their exact location. In this case, you might benefit from a search offered by Courts Online. This website is extremely useful with locating prison or jail records for any person nationwide. The results are instant, simple, and accurate. To begin a search, visit Start an inmate search by entering the person's first and last name. Whenever possible, also enter a city and state. Search results are immediately viewable. Registration is required before a user can access the prison database. For a one-time payment of $27.99, you can take advantage of a variety of public record searches, including inmate records.

Nevada Corrections Association: Another useful site for searching prison inmates is the Nevada Corrections Association. To begin a search, visit Next, choose the "Inmate Search" link on the left side toolbar. The website directs users to the Department of Corrections Inmate Search Form. Search for a prison inmate by entering the person's full name and inmate identification number. This is the best site to find comprehensive information. Many sites only provide basic information such as full name, offense, and sentence date. On the other hand, the Nevada prison search will offer users additional information on the inmate such as race, weight, age, date of birth, offense history, built, eye color, location, release date, etc. Using the prison search form is very simple, and results are provided within seconds. To locate a record quickly, complete all search fields and enter as much known information about the prison inmate. Even if the inmate has a common name, perhaps John Smith, users can generally find a match by cross referencing the inmate's name with their date of birth information.

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