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State Sex Offender Search: Nevada

Once upon a time, local law enforcement could not inform the public of convicted sex offenders in their localities. Then, an incident involving the tragic rape and murder of a young girl prompted Megan’s Law which changed the face of public safety. Today, all states must allow public access to their sex offender registries. Nevada’s online registry can be visited at

Nevada’s home page opens with Megan’s story and the subsequent legislation that was instated. Near the end of the text, in bold type, researchers will see a warning that, among other things, states: “It is illegal to use information obtained through this web site to commit a crime against a registered sex offender or to engage in discrimination or harassment against a registered sex offender.”

The bottom of this home page lists a menu in very small print with links for: offender search, registration info, statistics, definitions, warnings / limitations, credits, related links, safety tips and contacts. However, if you look to the left side of the screen, these same links are also listed the addition of two more: FAQ page and Changes in the Law.

To conduct a sample search for registered sex offenders, click on “search of an offender.” Every state sets up there search somewhat differently. Nevada offers the following search criteria: Last name only; last name and first name; last name, first name and Address (Street name and/or City and/or Zip Code); social Security Number only; street name; street name and street type; street name street type and city; street name and zip code; zip code; license plate number and license plate state.

Some of this criteria is not typically seen in other online state sex offender registries, however, keep in mind that just because federal law imposes certain mandates on the states, each state has the opportunity to form legislation of their own. In this case, Nevada sees fit to disclose license plate information for registered sex offenders. This type of criteria is rarely seen on other state sites.

Also, another quirk of the site is that it does not allow for a city search only. This is quite unusual. However, if you enter a Nevada city along with a street, you will be able to pull up a list of registered sex offenders. This is not an ideal, or rather, research-friendly way to search, but if you plug in both city and street, you will pull up a list of names and a link to specific details.

If you click on a name, you will be directed to that registered offender’s specific report. Researchers will find the following therein: photo, full name, tier level, year of birth, sex, race, hair color, weight, height, eye color, scars, marks, tattoos, residence address, list of convictions. This, again, is not the most research friendly of records. For instance, the list of convictions only reports the number or code of the conviction. Unless the searcher follows up this search with a search for conviction codes, there is nothing to explain the nature of the conviction except that it warrants sex offender status.

Going back to the home page and researching the various links will shed light on how Nevada categorizes their state sex offenders. Descriptions of the different tiers along with the information FAQs will make subsequent searches a bit easier. Nevertheless, while initially Nevada’s online sex offender registry appears streamlined, it proves to be more complex and difficult for obtaining all the public information one might find by performing a different state search.

Be sure to click on the link for definitions and explanations. This section imparts a wealth of necessary information to conduct any search for sex offenders in the state of Nevada.

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