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State Sex Offender Search: New Mexico

Currently federal law stipulates that all states must allow the public access to sex offender records and information. Each state presents its own website to meet out this purpose. New Mexico’s state sex offender registry can be reached at and searches for specific records conducted therein.

Upon reaching the home page of New Mexico’s online sex offender registry, you will find a simply designed page filled with main body text and an additional menu of search links. The main text provides a mission statement along with a link for the New Mexico statute that calls for this site to exist. This section also discusses the potential inaccuracy of some information as much is provided by the sex offenders themselves. The final portion of this page offers a warning stating that “the information provided is intended for community safety purposes only and should not be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass. Without a fingerprint comparison, there is no guarantee an individual identified in the response is in fact the individual in question.”

The left side of the screen contains the actual search methods themselves. This is an unusual set up for online sex registries. Generally such menus offer links for additional information about sex offenders such as how they are classified, how they must register and so forth. New Mexico, however, cuts right to the chase. Researchers may search straight from the home page by name, zip code, city, country, or entire state. They can also search for absconders. Additionally, there is one link listed as FAQs that provides added information that may be helpful to visitors to the site. The very bottom of the page offers three links: NM Laws, NM Sheriff and U.S. Contacts.

While the homepage is brief and streamlined, the FAQs, you may be interested to know, provide rather extensive information and the page itself contains additional links to more in depth answers. This section will answer most general questions about sex offenders, types of offenders, registration process and search issues. By clicking on each question, you will be directed to its location on the page and subsequent answer.

If you look to the left of the screen (on the home page) you can conduct your initial sample search. Click on the link for a city search for sex offenders. Unlike many online sex offender registries that provide a drop down menu of cities, you will have to type the name of a New Mexican city into the data box taking care for accuracy of spelling. Once you submit your search query, you will be directed to a list of sex offenders for that particular city.

This initial page is organized in a list of columns. You will see name, address, city, State / Zip and city again. Columns are not spelled out to you, but are essentially self-explanatory. Each name is a link to that offender’s specific information. Click on the name to view a specific record.

The specific detailed report contains a considerable amount of information pertaining to the offender. You will see a photo, full name, physical characteristics (age, DOB, race, weight, height, hair color, eye color), place of conviction, date of conviction, photograph date, date of registration, date of re-registration (if applicable), aliases, conviction(s), scars, marks, tattoos, address. All in all, this is a significant amount of information which gives researchers a thorough record to work with.

The other types of searches also lead to the information contained in the individual detailed report. The absconder search will lead to a record containing previously known information. However, the top of the page relates the number of the country sheriff (for last known address) should any information be known and subsequently related to the sheriff at this telephone number.

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