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Ohio's free online inmate locator tools provide quick access to prison and jail records. Unfortunately, many people have a friend or loved one incarcerated. Sometimes, staying in contact with these persons is difficult. If a state has multiple correctional facilities, prisoners may be transferred to new locations. When family and friends are not alerted of transfers, an inmate locator tool is useful. The majority of locator tools are simple to use. They request basic information about the prisoner. Even if limited details are known, the locator tool will provide a thorough search and provide potentially matching records. If looking for a prison inmate in Ohio, consider the following websites offering an inmate search tool.

Ohio Department of Corrections: Are you looking for a prisoner's contact information or criminal history? Is the prisoner held in Ohio? If so, the Ohio Department of Corrections provides all the answers. Although each state may have more than one correctional facility or prison, there is usually only one Department of Corrections. This department handles all the paperwork, and records information about each inmate. Records are accurate, which makes locating an inmate simple. To begin a search with the Ohio Department of Corrections, visit http://www.drc.state.oh.us. Choose the link, "Offender Search." Next, search for an inmate by entering a first or last name, county, zip code, identification number, or prison status. The results are fast and reliable. All search fields are not required. Enter as much known information about the inmate. Even if you only know the inmate's last name, the system will provide a full list. Carefully review each inmate name, and locate your inmate. Once the person is found, requestors may obtain helpful information such as the prisoner's full name, offense, release date, parole date, sentence date, etc.

Ohio State Registry: This website maintains a registry of all Ohio state records. Thus, if looking for information on a prison inmate, this site is helpful. Searches are quick and simple. Visit http://www.stateregistry.org/?hop=sum01&records_state=OH, and complete the search field. Quickly locate any person by entering a first and last name. If applicable, enter a city or zip code. Once the information is provided, click the link, "check records." The search results will provide background information on any person. If the person is located in a correctional facility, results supply details such as the person's current location, criminal history, release date, physical description, and so forth. Furthermore, this website is also useful for searching sex offenders, sheriff records, city jail inmates, and other criminal background search options. Ohio's State Registry website requires registration and a one-time membership fee.

FBI's Most Wanted: Are you interested in finding information on the FBI's most wanted in Ohio? If so, take advantage of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's free website. You can browse this website and find an abundance of information on various criminals nationwide. Moreover, this site provides free criminal search tools, in which law abiding citizens can assist with the capture of most wanted criminals. To begin a search, visit http://www.fbi.gov/wanted.htm. Next, choose an appropriate link, "Ten Most Wanted," "Featured Fugitives," and so forth.

Federal Bureau of Prisons: Quickly locate an Ohio prison inmate with the official website powered by the Federal Bureau of Prison. Information on each correctional facility and prison inmate is available on this website. Start a search by visiting http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp. Requestors are guided to the inmate locator search option. Next, complete the request by entering the inmate's first and last name, gender, sex, and city. To expedite the search, simply enter a prison identification number. This website can locate any inmate from 1982 present. Details include the prisoner's criminal history, location, physical description, sentencing details, and release date.

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