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How to do Classmate Searches

It is common for classmates to drift apart following high school and college graduation. Adjusting to a new life outside of school can be challenging, and unfortunately, classmates are unable to keep in close contact. Yet, many online resources are dedicated to reuniting loss friends. Naturally, the more information you know about a person, better are the chances of finding them. Because marriages and relocation are common, a free classmate search may be ineffective. Nonetheless, before subscribing to a paid online service for a classmate search, take advantage of free resources.

Free People Finder Sites: There are a large number of free people finder services. In fact, this is likely one of the best tools for locating an old classmate free. Popular people finder sites include, , , and so forth. These sites are extremely user-friendly, and can provide instantaneous results. In order for a people finder search to be successful, you need to know a little information about the person. For example, what is their full name (first and last)? If the person is married, it helps to know their current last name. Furthermore, where does the person live (city and state). Conducting a nationwide search using only the classmate's name is too broad, and will return numerous matches. If trying to locate a classmate living in a different part of the world, consider using an international people finder such as . This website will search records for persons living in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Reverse Lookup Options: People finder searches are most effective when you have ample information about a person. On the other hand, if the only available information is a telephone number or street address, a reverse lookup search may return a matching result. There are two types of reverse lookup options: free searches and paid searches. Free searches are available from most online telephone directories, including the four listed above. For example, visit , and select the link for either "reverse phone," or "reverse address." For a reverse phone search, enter the classmate's last known phone number. Search results will include the full name and address of the person(s) related to the phone number. Reverse address searches are the opposite. To begin, enter the classmate's last known address, street name, number, city, and state. Search results will reveal the name and telephone number of the person(s) living at the address. : If a classmate is unlisted in telephone directories, and reverse lookup features provide zero matches, consider using an online investigation service. Websites such as  are effective with locating missing persons, including old classmates. To begin your search, visit , and complete an initial search using the classmate's name and age. The preliminary search will reveal possible matches, which include full names, city and states, and age. If a matching record is found, users can access the information by purchasing a pass or subscription. Buy a twenty-four hour subscription for $19.95. The fee for a three-day subscription is $39.95. Lastly, the fee for a thirty-day reunion subscription is $149.95. : Finding old friends using has never been easier. Aside from all the great tools and features for locating high school and college classmates, access to the site is very inexpensive. For as little as $2.49/a month, users can browse classmate profiles, send emails, receive emails, and plan a class reunion. Additionally, classmates can enjoy free features such as creating and updating profile. Begin re-connecting with old friends by visiting, . Complete a free registration by choosing a state and school. Provide basic information such as graduating year, birth date, first name, last name (maiden and married), and email address. Once information is submitted, you can start creating a user profile, and browsing profiles created by other classmates.

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