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Finding information on an inmate in the Commonwealth of Virginia can be challenging. With multiple correction facilities throughout, friends and family must know the inmates location or their 6-digit identification number. Without this information, an online search of statewide facilities is necessary. Fortunately, the Internet makes this information easily accessible. Hence, loved ones are not required to contact each correctional facility individually. Online searches are easy. For the most part, the only requirements are a first and last name. If a match is found, requestors can receive free information about the inmate. Consider the following free websites for conducting an online search of Virginia inmates.

Virginia Department of Corrections: The Department of Corrections offers an online inmate information system. By means of this system, family and friends can quickly and conveniently search for an inmate. Records are updated once a day. Therefore, if a prison inmate is transferred to a different location, this information is immediately available to the public. To begin your search using the inmate information system, visit There are two search options. Either search for an inmate using their identification number, or conduct a search using their personal information (full name, sex, race, etc.) Once information is entered, submit the search inquiry. Search results will include a photograph of the inmate and a detail account of their criminal history. Moreover, inmate searches provide information on location, sentencing date, and approximate release date.

Offenders Inmate Information and Records: This is another website powered by the Virginia Department of Corrections. Similarly, relatives and friends can locate an inmate using multiple search options. To begin your search, visit Conduct an online search by choosing the "inmate locator" link. Complete the search by entering the inmate's identification number or first and last name. Inmate search records are also available by written request. Write to:

Central Criminal Records Manager
P. O. Box 26963
6900 Atmore Drive
Richmond, Virginia 23261-6369

Prison Inmate Search: Various websites offer links to correctional facilities nationwide. This is a practical tool for locating an inmate. Often times, inmates are moved to facilities outside the state. In this case, a nationwide search is beneficial. The Prison Inmate Search provides links to prisons and correctional facilities for each state. To begin your search, visit Next, choose a state search options. For example, some states offer searches of county jails, fugitive records, most wanted records, prisons, and so forth. Complete a search for Virginia inmates by selecting the link, "VIRGINIA: Inmate." The following webpage will include a search locator tool for the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Free Inmate Locator and Lookup Tool: Another free online search tool for finding an inmate is the Free Inmate Locator and Lookup Tool. Start your search by visiting If the state location of an inmate is unknown, select a "Federal Bureau of Prison Inmate" search. This tool will search all correctional facilities nationwide. On the other hand, if the location of an inmate is known, search an individual state correctional facility for an exact location. 

Criminal Records Index: Free Public Records Finders provide a free search of inmates nationwide. To begin your search, visit Next, select an appropriate state. Each state includes a multitude of search options, which makes locating an inmate effortless. A search for Virginia inmates offers an inmate locator search tool. However, other states may offer additional features. For example, a search for inmates in Minnesota provides links to statewide correctional facilities, jail rosters, sheriff records, sex offenders, and so forth. To search an inmate, simply enter their full name. Search results provide information on location, criminal history, and release date. 

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