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Finding useful information on a friend or relative incarcerated in Oregon can be a daunting task. For the most part, many people do not know where to start their search. If you have information on the person's actual location, contacting the facility directly is helpful. Yet, if the only information available is a name and perhaps an identification number, this could prolong the search. With the wide range of useful online resources, gathering information on a prisoner is simple. In fact, within a few minutes you can access records for any prisoner located within the state of Oregon. The following websites are extremely practical for searching inmate records.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons: If looking for a prison inmate, begin your search by using the website offered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This website includes an abundance of information about every prison facility nationwide. Hence, you can search inmates within Oregon and other states. To begin a quick search of records, simply visit the official website at http://www.bop.gov. There is a variety of ways to access records. You may choose to search individual facilities, or take advantage of the inmate locator tool. The facility search is the best method when the inmate's location is known. If little or no information is known about the inmate's whereabouts, choose the link, "inmate locator," on the left side toolbar. Next, provide as much known information about the inmate such as name (first and last), race, gender, and age. If possible, include a prison identification number. The latter option is useful when searching inmates with a common first and last name. For example, a search for prison inmate Michael Williams resulted in 244 matching records. On the other hand, providing additional information such as an age or ID number will greatly reduce search results, and provide accurate records.

Oregon Department of Corrections: Online prison locator tools are very resourceful. However, if you know the state holding the prison inmate, consider a Department of Corrections search. This Department includes detailed information about each inmate within the state. For a search of Oregon inmates, visit the official website at http://www.doc.state.or.us. Choose the link, "Prison," on the top toolbar. This selection will provide information on each facility in Oregon such as address and telephone number. You can find information on an inmate by contacting each individual facility. Moreover, you can find accurate online inmate information by sending an email to: inmate.info@doc.state.or.us.

Oregon Federal Prisons: The state of Oregon keeps an accurate registry of each prison inmate. If unable to find an inmate's information on a public inmate locator search tool, you might successfully locate a record by contacting the Oregon Federal Prison Facility.

FCI Sheridan
PO Box 8000
27072 Ballston Road
Sheridan, OR 97378-9601
Phone: (503) 843-4442

Oregon.gov: The official government website for the state of Oregon also provides helpful ways to find information on a prison inmate. Simply visit http://www.oregon.gov. Next, select the link, "Public Safety," on the right toolbar. This link includes valuable resources such as Department of Corrections, Court Services, Juvenile Services, etc. For prison inmate information, choose the "Corrections" link. The following website consists of resources offered by the Oregon Department of Correction. Search the website for prison locations and telephone numbers, or review the Department's Most Wanted lists, etc. The link, "Inmate Families," provides information on how to locate, telephone, or write to an inmate.

Inmate locator tools have helped thousands of families and friends locate or reconnect with missing loved ones. Due to advanced online technology, you can find any inmate nationwide. In many cases, the required information necessary for conducting a search is minimal. Simply provide a full name, gender, or age, and receive a detail record. Typical inmate search records include sentencing date, approximate release date, conviction or criminal history, and current location.

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