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Whether you're filling in the missing branches on your family tree, looking for an old classmate or colleague, or trying to rekindle a romance with an old flame, the internet can be a powerful source for finding virtually anyone, no matter where they live. 

While conducting such a search once meant plowing through thousands of records in the local courthouse or state office building, now much of the work can be done online, quickly and easily, using a number of excellent search tools, many of them free or very low cost.

There are of course myriad reasons why an individual would want to conduct a people search, from organizing a family reunion to tracking down an ex-spouse for back child support.  In addition, employers routinely use the many search resources available on the internet to do background checks on current and potential employees, making these searches important for business as well as personal purposes.

People searches are also a great way to network and meet those with similar hobbies and interests.  The explosion of interest in social networking sites has of course made this a great deal easier, and the many newsgroups and email lists devoted to virtually every subject in the world is proof of the power of this phenomenon.

Whether the reason for finding the person in question is frivolous or truly serious, it is important to know who to search the right way.  Conducting a people search on the internet is generally the most practical and also the fastest way to find the information you have been seeking.  In many cases it is necessary to know only a few key details about the person or people being sought.  Some of these key details may include the person�s old address, an old phone number, or the town where they used to live.  At some people search sites, all you need to know is the person�s last name.  The search site will automatically find everyone with that last name, no matter where they live.

Of course this type of search will be more effective for those with rarer or more unusual names, and the sheer number of results for a common name like Smith or Jones may render those results difficult to use.  For less common names, however, these general search sites can provide a great deal of information.

When conducting a people search online it is a good idea to search several different sites for the same information and compare the results you receive.  While some of these sites use the same resources, others use additional databases and can therefore provide different and more useful results.

If these free people search websites do not provide the desired results, there are a number of paid search sites that can provide additional access to different databases.  Depending on the nature and urgency of the search, these paid search sites can pay for themselves and be more than worth the money.

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Paul Douglas - Abbie: I'm looking for Paul Douglas from Hasland chesterfield hes around 40 years of age if anyone knows where he might be please email me.

Dawn Michelle Owens - Geneva Traylor: Searching for Dawn Michelle Owens DOB 7-19-64 last known address Columbia TN. I have very important news for her concerning her Mother contact ASAP!

Mark Christian Gilbert - I have to find my son's father!!! our son is in desperate need of him!!! his name is mark Christian Gilbert, 31 years old. he's around 6'3" and 250 lbs balding on top, long in back, blue eyes. His last known where abouts was Lexington, Kentucky! Our son has been in lots of trouble and depression weighs heavy on him. he wants his dad. If you know anything, please email me. [email protected]!

Thank you for the post Bonnie, I hope Simon Welch has your email, otherwise please post some way for him to get back to you...

Bonnie Paul - I am desperately trying to find Simon Welch, I met him on the Isles of Scilly, I really owe him a HUGE apology, he was born 8th July 1975, his mother is German and he was from Barbados. I offended him so much and need to find him to say how sorry I am.

Vanessa Hunt - I'm searching for my little bro. Damion Karl Hunt. I feel like a part of me is missing without him if you know him please contact me [email protected]  Bro I love you always have and always will. Please please get back with me. His moms name is Debbie, I have more info but none of it has helped me out with my search. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

Sarah Burke - I'm having the hardest time trying to get in touch with a Mrs. Miller at the Spartanburg, South Carolina Social Security Disability office to make an appointment for me: Sarah Burke - 247-92-0276 AND ALSO FOR my Mother: Fannie M. Garland - 247-44-9095. Would you please contact that office and make us an appointment; preferably late morning or early afternoon? We would prefer to have this appointment with a Mrs. Miller, however, you can let me know what she has open. An appointment for us is imperative because our health won't allow us to sit in that room all day holding a number. Thanking you ahead of time, SARAH [email protected]


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