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Quick Online Reverse Phone Searches

Trying to track down a person with incomplete information is time consuming and frustrating. To benefit from telephone directories, you will generally need to know the person's first and last name, city and state, and maybe a street address. With this information, telephone directories can provide the most recent telephone number for a person. In rare cases, you may attempt to locate a person using only their telephone number. These types of searches are different, and require a unique search tool. Reverse phone searches are effective because they can reveal information about a person using their telephone number. Upon completion of a reverse phone search, you will know the name of the person assigned the number, and their mailing address.

Consider the following tips for conducting quick online reverse phone searches.

  • There are many types of people searches available on the Internet. However, only a select number allow users to search by telephone number. To begin your search, visit Select the "telephone" search option. Next, enter the full 10-digit telephone number and hit the search button. Unfortunately, is not a free database. Information is only available to registered members. Membership is inexpensive, and users can choose from three different subscriptions. Billing is one-time, and users can select one year, two years, or lifetime access. Membership fees range from $29.99 - $34.99. Upon completion of registration, users can begin accessing information uncovered from the reverse phone search. This may also consists of information for unlisted telephone numbers and cellular phone numbers.
  • Reverse Index Reverse Index Lookup is the perfect tool for all your reverse searches. Locating a phone number using this website is highly effective. Even if a person's telephone number is unlisted, the site will search approximately 150,000 public records and databases for a match. This includes searches of property, utility, and driving records. To begin your search, visit Next, register for instant access to records and create a user name and password using an email address. Choose a membership option. Users may opt for one year access to all records for $29.99, or select a lifetime membership for a small price of $34.99. In addition to locating people using their home telephone number or cellular phone number, Reverse Index Lookup is also useful for conducting background checks, finding email addresses, searching license plates, and so forth. This service allows users to search phone numbers for persons living in the United States, Canada, and Europe.
  • Under Cover Detective offers a range of unlimited search options for members. Register for the site at Next, conduct an initial reverse phone search. Because Under Cover Detective retrieves information from numerous databases, the odds of locating a matching record are good. After choosing a membership subscription option, begin your search by entering the 10-digit telephone number or cellular number. This website can quickly search databases and provide detail information for each telephone number entered. For example, users receive the full name of the person assigned the number, street name and address, and service provider. Furthermore, reverse phone searches can provide useful information about the status of the telephone number (active or disconnected).

Free Online Telephone Directories: Paid online reverse phone searches are practical when searching an unlisted telephone number or cellular phone number. However, before paying an online investigation service, consider a free reverse phone search using,, and other free online telephone directories. Simply visit the directory's website, and follow the link for "reverse lookup." Choose to search by telephone number, and then enter the person's telephone number and begin your search. Free searches will return results for individuals listed in the phone book.


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