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The Class - Reunited Find Lost Classmates

One of the hottest new Fall shows on CBS is ďThe Class,Ē a sitcom about a group of eight classmates who are reunited after 10 years. In this comedic show, they rekindle old flames, solve past grudges, find new loves, and help one another cope with day-to-day problems. The show gets great reviews and itís no wonder - many Americans wonder what it would be like to meet up with their old classmates. Donít you?

Have you ever wondered what happened to that girl you always liked (but could never get the courage to talk to)? Or what happened to that special friend - you know, the one that you made the promise with, that youíd never lose touch but, as the years passed, you just drifted away from? What ever happened to that boy who always let you borrow his biology notes? Itís perfectly natural to wonder what became of old friends and, with new classmate searches, you can now find out those answers.

Classmate searches vary, but is one of the leading favorites, by far. By joining their website (for as low as $2.46 per month), you can reconnect with all of your classmates and keep abreast of gatherings, such as class reunions, not to mention emailing, sharing photos, and posting a bio of what youíve been up to since you graduated. Itís definitely a great way to reconnect, not to mention how easy it is.

Hooking up with your old friends is as simple as filling out a simple form and paying for your subscription, via secure server. For the best value, you can subscribe for 2 years, for a total fee of $59.00 ($2.46 per month - 50% off). A single year subscription offers you a 35% savings and is available for $39.00 ($3.25 a month). Not sure, yet, if you want to make a year-long commitment? For $15.00, you can get a 3 month membership, which allows you to email and chat it up with all your old chums for a mere $5.00 a month (cheaper, I bet, than if you called them on the telephone).

In addition to looking up your old friends, online, you can also check out other member lists on, allowing you to see what your high school rivals have been up to, to check into people at your local college, or even check out your childís school. Other lists that are available include college, people at the workplace, and your childrenís schools as well. For a limited time, newcomers to the website can enjoy a free, 7-day trial and see how they like it.

Of course, isnít your only option, either. There are many different ways to find out what happened to your old friends. For your convenience, a list of classmate searches as well as other helpful people-finder websites are listed below. With a minimal amount of elbow grease, you are sure to locate those old friends and be well on the way to starting your own form of classmate reunion.

Classmate Finder Links ~ The popular site that features 3 month, 1 year and 2 year subscriptions, easy-to-read interface, email and so much more. ~ Offers one year subscriptions for $36.00.

Instant People Finder ~ Low cost search for anyone, prices starting as low as $9.95. No charge if there are no results on your search.

Intelius People Search ($49.95) ~

USA People Search (from $9.95, search for free) ~

Public Records Now ~

You can also find information on classmates by searching up your high school website and looking for any alumni records that they may have available. The search can be as easy or as detailed as you may wish, but be sure to have fun with it. Before long, youíll be reunited with all your old friends. Happy hunting!

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