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Court records contain a multitude of files for various court cases. Because these files are classified as public information, they are accessible. However, locating a particular court record can be a long process. There are many different methods of searching court records. Moreover, the Internet contains an assortment of online investigation sites devoted to helping the public locate a specific record. Persons interested in searching court records have two options. They may choose to conduct a manual search by visiting a courthouse in-person, or access an online database. Many cities and counties have online resources for searching records. Consider the following helpful tips for investigating court records.                                                

Court Case Information System: Every city or county throughout the United States has a court system. Because the Internet is an information highway, many cities have official websites, in which locals can browse different categories and obtain helpful information. Before searching court records onsite, consider visiting your local city or county website. Most sites will include a “courts or judiciary” link. In some instances, this link will direct users to the state’s court case information system. Upon arriving at this site, users may search court records for any city within the state. For example, the Virginia Court Case Information System instructs users to select a city. Once a city is chosen, users can search criminal or civil court records. Simply choose a search criteria (name, case number, hearing date), and the system will provide information on the particular case.

Court system information for all 50 states can be found by visiting

1st Public Records: 1st Public Records is another helpful website offering a search of court records online. To begin your search, visit Users can uncover information for many different types of court cases including civil, criminal, divorce, bankruptcy, custody battles, and so forth. Court record searches with 1st Public Records cost $35.00. Reports include detail information about the court case in question such as defendant’s name, plaintiff’s name, court date, file number, court location, and judgment. 1st Public Records is different from other online investigation searches. Other websites randomly search online court databases. On the other hand, each inquiry submitted to 1st Public Records is manually researched by a court record specialist. For this matter, search results are not immediately returned. On average, records are available in 1 – 3 days.

PACER Service Center: PACER offers one of the largest public access systems for court records. Searching court records using PACER is simple. To begin searching court records using the system, visit Registration is required. Furthermore, users must be prepared to pay a fee per record accessed. PACER is very inexpensive, with fees as low as $0.08 per record. Once registration is complete, find court records by selecting the “search” link.  Next, select an appropriate state and city. Users may also search court records by selecting the “U.S. Party Case Index.” For more information, contact the PACER Service Center at:

PACER Service Center
P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio, TX 78278
(800) 676-6856
(210) 301-6440 Court Record Search is another useful tool for searching court records online. This website allows users to search a wide variety of court records for real estate, bankruptcy, civil, small claims, divorce, traffic, criminal, and so forth. To begin a quick search, visit Select a search option. For example, if interested in searching a county or city’s divorce records, choose the link “county divorce court” searches.  Hence, users can uncover information about someone’s divorce proceeding. Is a person divorce? When was the divorce finalized? In what city did the divorce take place?

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