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Searching for a Credit Report

A pocket full of change and not a care in the world seems to have been replaced with a wallet full of plastic and a mailbox full of bills. Living in a plastic world certainly has its consequences. It is a lot easier to fall into debt when you are following the modern mantra of “charge it.” In fact, falling into debt can sneak up on a person like a silent enemy.

After all, companies give credit cards out freely and frequently. All you seem to need is a name, an address, a social security number, and a source of income. Credit card companies don’t even seem to care what your source of income is, as long as you haven’t gotten a rap for having a bad credit history.

Consumers don’t even need to search for a company to give them a credit card either. Offers for credit cards appear in our mailboxes more frequently than bills. Well, at least in the beginning of our lives when we first begin to secure these tiny rectangles of plastic that allow us to buy anything from plastic Frisbees to plastic furniture. After a while, the bills begin to pile up as we learn how easy it is to repeat over and over again, “charge it, please.”

We fall into debt almost without realizing it. Soon afterwards, we start to realize that maybe acquiring five or six different credit cards might not have been such a good idea. Maybe acquiring a copy of our credit report is a better idea than acquiring the newest addition to our arsenal of plastic spending capital. Maybe our wallet is getting too fat and our bank account has gotten too empty.

Falling into debt also has its consequences and these are known as bad credit histories. A bad credit history is almost like having a prison record. I say almost, because truly, the only similarity is that both of these records can follow an individual around like so much bad karma. A bad credit report can prevent an individual from getting hired for that new job, acquiring a credit card, or becoming approved for a loan or home equity line of credit.

Fortunately, a bad credit report can disappear over time and with a lot of concentrated effort. Unfortunately, the negative information on a credit report is going to remain there for quite some time, as long as it is accurate. How do you know if you have a bad credit report? Well, first of all, some of those things mentioned above might have happened to you. If you really want to know what is on your credit report, then the first step to take is to acquire a copy of yours.

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