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Finding Divorce Records

Important Steps: Searching for Divorce Records

Divorces are the result of approximately half of all marriages, producing an enormous amount of divorce records. Searching for a particular record can be quite a daunting task. Fortunately, online resources have made that task not only a simple one, but also, a relatively painless one. Companies, such as Records Registry, offer an extensive set of resources to accomplish effective searches.

Even so, a search for divorce records must be done in the state where the divorce took place. If the state is unknown, this can become an expensive and tedious task. Furthermore, searches that are conducted with little or no information, will not only take longer, but also, they will be more expensive.

Since divorces fall under the jurisdiction of state law and are issued by the state, divorce records must be stored in the state where the divorce occurred. In many states, the divorce records are kept at both the county level and at the state level. States that offer this feature have a state repository that includes the divorce records from each and every county in the state.

Divorce records or certificates generally include basic information about the divorced couple. The specific information included may vary across states. In general, divorce records include: the husbandís full name, the wifeís full name, the county where the divorce took place, the date of the divorce, the recorded or filing date of the divorce, and a certificate number.

Some states may include the date of marriage, the county where the marriage took place, the state where the marriage took place, or the number of the children under the age of eighteen resulting from the marriage.

Probably one of the best reasons to search for a divorce record is to verify that the divorce actually took place. Should an individual decide to marry someone who has previously been married, obtaining indisputable records that his or her fiancť has received a divorce is recommended.

Completing a genealogical research project is another valid reason for acquiring a copy of a divorce record. Divorce records contain a great deal of information, much of which can prove useful in a genealogical project. Family lines can be clearly delineated with such records.

Additionally, in the event that a deceased individualís will is contested, proving that someone no longer has a viable claim may arise. A copy of a divorce record can clearly prove that a marriage has been dissolved and the individual no longer has a claim as the deceased individualís spouse.

Typically, divorce records are held at the state level, but they are always held at the local area, where the divorce took place. If you have that information, then your search can be relatively simple. If you do not have this information, then your search will take longer and be more expensive. Moreover, if you are searching for the records of an ancestor, your search may prove to be a bit more difficult.

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